The 30 second Halloween look *literally* anyone can do.

If you're anything like me, you excel at leaving things to the last minute. Specifically, Halloween outfits. You also kinda suck at makeup. And are actually pretty fantastic at karaoke (but that's a conversation for later).

So, if you happen to have a Halloween party this weekend (am I... invited?) and have no clue what to do/why you left it so dang late — not to worry, friend. I've got you covered.

Because Kelly McCarren and I discussed last-minute Halloween beauty looks on the You Beauty podcast this week — and the one I brought to the table was a pretty banger idea, if I may say so myself.

Watch: Remember that time I put ten pumps of foundation on my face? I do. Post continues below.

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You can do it in less than one minute with stuff you actually already have at home. 

Like, actually.

There's truly nothing more annoying than seeing a very good makeup artist doing a really fancy Halloween look on Instagram/TikTok and telling you when it's simple when it absolutely is not and requires 400 different products you don't have. Sigh.

But, promise, This one is actually very simple.


I tried it on the podcast and then gave it another whirl at home to time myself (so quick) and take some snaps because it's hard to explain (what am I? A writer? Pft).

Ready? Grab your makeup bag.

How to do an easy Halloween makeup look.

This Halloween look was originally posted on TikTok by a beauty content creator called Lena (@lenkalul), but another account I follow called @mattloveshair recently re-posted it and tried it to see if it was actually doable (bless him).

(Just for background: @mattloves hair is an account by Matt Newman — an American hairstylist who posts heaps of different beauty hacks. And if you've ever listened to You Beauty you'll know we're obsessed with him).

The look. Tell us about the look!

He tried this Halloween beauty hack on Instagram — and literally, anyone could do this, you guys. 

You'll need three things to do this look: a red lipstick, an eyelash curler and an angled eyeliner brush.

That's it.


Now, in case you can't already tell (umm..), the look we're going for is a simple 'devil look'. So you could do this, along with a full glam look, and pop on a red dress and look like you've made an effort when you absolutely have not. Ha! Suckers.

What we're going to do is basically create two devil horns above the centre of each brow — and two devil tails from the outer corner of your eyes.

First, you're going to grab the eyelash curler and use it as a stencil. Take your red lipstick (try to use an old one) and smear the formula across the top of the tool (the metal bit along the top).


Next, you're going to gently press it on the middle section of each brow to make two vertical lines. These are the little horns.

Repeat on the other side.



After you've got your horns (omg, so cute!), you can then use the slanted eyeliner brush to clean up the dodgy lines. You can also colour the horns in fully or partially (or just leave 'em blank). 

If you don't have a slanted eyeliner brush, you can always just use a red lip liner to colour the tops of the horns in/fix the lines.


Now for the tail.

You'll then use the same side of the eyelash curler (you can add more lipstick if you need it) to create a 'tail' at the bottom outer corner of each eye.

You can then add a little triangle on the bottom of each tail to make it look devilish.

Look, she's no Heidi Klum — and far from perfect but the whole thing literally takes 30 seconds. There's no way you can mess it up.


Anyway, here's Matt's version if you want to see the whole process in action:

Told you it was simple.

All you need is a little red dress and you're set.

If you're looking for more ideas, check out the full episode here. For example, our friend Kelly just used black liquid eyeliner to do an eyeliner flick and draw a nose and whiskers.


See? Easy.

Want more Halloween ideas? Check out some of the best celebrity Halloween looks.

Got any easy Halloween ideas you'd like to share? Oh, go on. Pop them in the comment section below.

Feature Image: @lenkalul/Erin Docherty/Canva.

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