The reason parents of girls will be spending more cash over Easter than those with boys.

Parents of girls, we deeply regret to inform you you’ll be spending more money over this Easter long weekend than your friends with boys.

That is, if you’re heading to the NSW Royal Easter Show for a day of screaming children and overpriced bottles of water family fun.

New research shows that out of all the showbags one could possibly want, ‘girly’ showbags are the most expensive.

The study which looked at the recommended retail price and contents of 400 showbags across all demographics found it’s the ones aimed at your sweet little girls who want for nothing that’ll set you back the most.

That’s because the average showbag aimed specifically at girls (you know – the pink, fluffy, sparkly ones) costs $25, $2 more than ‘boy’ bags which come in at $23.

That said, the included value of ‘girl’ bags is $42 higher than boy’s bags, meaning for the total of 12 minutes your daughters are interested in their showbags, they’ll be getting better value than your sons.

Side note – Do you set limits on Easter Eggs, or let the kids dig in? We discuss, on our podcast for imperfect parents. Post continues after audio.


Out of all the showbags studied, unisex bags were the cheapest at $16. Money Expert Bessie Hassan says show-goers should walk through the gates with a clear plan of how to avoid getting sucked into the showbag hall money pit.

Essentially – don’t let your kids (or your inner kid) manipulate you into spending more on bags you’ll forget about by the time you make it back home.

“It may be exciting to see all the contents of your favourite confectionary on display, don’t get swept up in the marketing hype,” she very sensibly warned.

“If you’re taking the kids to the show, try to impose a limit on the number of showbags for each child so you can manage expectations.”

Easier said than done when you’ve got one, or several, small humans begging for the Freddo/Girlfriend mag/Zappos showbags like they’re solid gold bricks.

To those parents self-sacrificing enough to brave the Easter Show this long weekend, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Are you going to the Easter Show this weekend? How will you plan ahead to save money on the day?