BEHOLD: The genius $70 vacuum cleaner for kids that actually works.

Most parents are believers in their kids contributing to the running of the household. They set chores, and they expect the kids will do what they can to help.

It’s all great in theory – but it often ends in a either a Battle Royale, or a costly rewards system.

Now, it seems that battle is not entirely lost as parents have discovered a vacuum cleaner that is a toy – but works as a real vacuum cleaner. So, you know, the kids can be fooled into thinking they’re playing, but they’re actually helping you with the housework.

But wait, there’s more.

It’s not just any vacuum. It’s made by top vacuum brand, Dyson.

Yet…it doesn’t cost anywhere near what an expensive Dyson cleaner costs. Prices vary, but it can be found for under $70 AUD. Yes, you read that right.

Behold: the Cadson Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum.

Cheerful cherubs not realising they are helping. Source: Amazon

Modelled on a full-size Dyson, when the suction on the toy is switched on, it is capable of collecting small paper items such as confetti.

Just imagine your cherub opening this on Christmas morning...and then vacuuming up their own wrapping paper debris.

What bliss. A Christmas miracle.

The Cadson cleaner can be found on Amazon. Prices and delivery to Australia varies, but it seems one site that does have the product in stock, and does definitely deliver to Australia, is Pottery Barn Kids, where the toy can be bought for $66.75.


The toy has become hugely popular, with Amazon reviewers giving it an average of four out of five stars.

One reviewer wrote: "Our son, 1 1/2-years-old, is OBSESSED with vacuums and carpet cleaners. He has nearly broken my vacuum a few times because it's a bit too large for him to maneuver. We got him this for Christmas, and it was the only gift he cared about. He wouldn't open any other gifts after getting to it...It is a lot quieter than I expected. The sound doesn't get annoying."

Another happy purchaser said it was wonderful for her son with Autism, who is normally afraid of the noise of a vacuum.

Most parents praised the toy for being the perfect size for their pre-schoolers, and for helping to teach them about a practical part of life. But mostly, the comments are just excited that the vacuum helps kids clean up after themselves.

Talk about the ultimate gift that keeps on giving - just like our beloved offspring, right?

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