We take the very first Dyson hairdryer for a spin.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Dyson appliances have quite the fanatical following.

Vacuum cleaners are the last thing you’d expect a 20-something to swoon over, yet so many of my friends (OK, me too) dream of the day they’ll have a Dyson of their very own.

Meanwhile, the brand’s Airblade hand dryers — the ones that ripple your skin so it looks like you’re skydiving — have become the official signal you’ve hit the public bathroom jackpot.

So the buzz surrounding Dyson’s foray into hair styling is no shock. The English company announced its first hairdryer, the Supersonic, earlier this year and it’s now available in Australia.


Meet the Supersonic. Image: supplied

Cue: fanfare.

First things first: the design of the Supersonic is like something straight out of The Jetsons.

The body is sleek and not too bulky or heavy (i.e. it won't give you an accidental bicep workout), while the diffuser and nozzle attachments are magnetised so you can just whip them on and off.

These guys are magnetised, so no need to painstakingly screw them on and off. 

Another nifty feature is its regulated air temperature, which prevents your strands from being fried and that awful sensation of sizzling your scalp.

I am useless with hair tools, so rather than taking the Supersonic for a spin myself, I had the stylists from Sydney's Valonz hair salon show me exactly what it could do. You can watch the footage in the video at the top of the post.

It left my hair incredibly soft and shiny — probably the shiniest it's ever been, in fact — but what is perhaps most exciting about the Supersonic is that it operates very, very quietly.

Me and my freshly Supersonic-ed hair with Valonz owner and celebrity stylist Renya Xydis. 

In a room of six women having their hair blow-dried simultaneously, I was still able to hold a conversation with my stylist without having to yell or lip-read over a deafening roar.

You can't say that for most hair dryers.

The Dyson Supersonic isn't exactly a budget buy, retailing for $699, but it's certainly going to be a game-changer.

Featured image: supplied.