The Life-Changing Magic of Buying Stuff That Makes Your Life Better.

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Marie Kondo wrote a book that got the whole world throwing their crap away. Me included.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up told us all that to be better humans, we needed to #konmari our houses and rid ourselves of the crap in our lives.  Goodbye, clothes. Begone, books. Sayonara, sentimental keepsakes. Because the path to enlightenment is de-cluttering and living a #mindful #minimalist life of #zen.

Have only what you need and what sparks joy in you, she says.

"Because Konmari would want it that way." (Image: iStock.)

It's a great theory and I've been trying to stick to it. Except, here's another one:

There is some excess shit in your life that just makes your life BETTER and so you should buy it.

Yes. It's The Life Changing Magic Of Buying Stuff That Makes Your Life Genuinely Better Even Perhaps If It Is Slightly Excessive.*


(*Working title ) 

It's not mindless consumption. It's MINDFUL consumption. Products that genuinely improve your life.

And people everywhere* are getting on board.

(*People on our facebook page).

Ohhhhh yeah. Dysons and electric toothbrushes.

BIG-ARSE saucepans and QUALITY fry pans that don't cark it in a few months.

Rice cookers. I know I could cook rice on the stove but that's one kitchen item that has earned a special place in heaven.

SILICON SPATULAS and wine glasses with no stems.


Hooray for all this stuff. These are the things that genuinely improve your life.

Both KDB and Mia are stockpiling this particular item, too.

Because they are NEVER there when you need them!

So there you go.

The Life Changing Magic Of Buying Stuff That Makes Your Life Genuinely Better Even Perhaps If It Is Slightly Excessive.*

You know what else genuinely improves your life?  Podcasts. Which you can gorge on because they're free and they take up absolutely no room in your house.

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