"You've made my year." The moving letter arriving in Aussie mailboxes from Prince Charles.

It’s been a tough year for Aussie farmers dealing with record-dry weather conditions.

With 100 per cent of NSW declared in drought earlier this year, and other parts of the country on drought watch, rural properties have suffered immensely, triggering government intervention and a nation-wide call for fundraising to deliver feed for livestock to struggling farmers.

But with one simple gesture from across the other side of the world – typing a personal letter to sufferers – a smile may have just been brought to the faces who need it most.

And it came from the most unexpected of places. The royal family.

The letter was written by Prince Charles and sent to hundreds of sheep farmers across Australia.

Prince Charles, a sheep farmer himself, expressed that he was “greatly saddened” by the conditions that affected the Merino wool industry this year, in what is usually its most successful season.

“I cannot begin to imagine the anguish that those of you who have been affected by this climatic tragedy must be facing and, as you continue to cope with such challenging conditions, particularly feeding livestock… I wanted you to know that you are very much in my thoughts at this very difficult time,” he wrote.

He continued: “While I was relieved to learn that some limited rainfall has recently returned to areas of the country… I am praying for the heavens to open and send you all my kindest and most sympathetic wishes.”

He assured sheep farmers battling challenging weather conditions that his “Campaign for Wool will continue to do everything it can to support the Australian wool growing community”.


One farmer who posted the letter – typed on Clarence House letterhead – on Instagram said it made her feel “a bit spesh”, adding that it had in fact “made her year”.

Prince Charles' letter to farmers.
Prince Charles' letter to farmers.

With the notoriously dry summer months yet to come, it's no question that we all need to do our part in supporting our farmers.

Earlier this year, the Mamamia Out Loud live podcast show headed to Tamworth and Dubbo to raise $17,000 in donations thanks to the charity partner Drought Angels.