Dr Phil has shaved his moustache and please, let this be a cruel April Fools joke.

There are many iconic things about Dr Phil.

There’s the way he and his wife Robin walk off set at the end of each show, the absurd guests (Looking at you, Cash me outside girl), oh, and HIS MOUSTACHE.

But in a truly terrifying twist of events, the host of your favourite ‘I’m sick at home and good god daytime TV is terrible’ viewing has taken a razor to his famous mo and shared a photo of a freshly naked upper lip. It’s… Not okay.

Then, to rub salt into wounds, in a follow up Instagram story his wife Robin shares her excitement about the shave. No, Robin, we don’t deserve this.

We’re hoping this is one major April Fools stitch-up and the McGraw’s just enlisted some next-level Photoshop wiz to edit out the mo because honestly, the world is in chaos right now.






Thankfully, Dr Phil has since confirmed in a video that it was all just an elaborate prank.

In the video he said he would look like “an aardvark” if he shaved it off, which we believe is very self-aware.


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APRIL PHILS! ????????

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Ahhh, world order has been restored. Thank you, Dr Phil.