'Describe your mum,' he said. This is what happened next.

We can all see the beauty in the women we love – but sometimes we have difficulty seeing it in ourselves.

You may remember a video that went viral just recently, which we bought to you exclusively on Mamamia — Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches. (And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? You can watch it right now here.)

Dove have now done it again, and recreated the Real Beauty Sketches social experiment – except this time with mothers and daughters.

The difference between how the mothers see themselves, and how their daughters – who know their strength, their kindness, and their love – see them… Well, take a look below.

And in case you need a reminder why campaigns like Dove’s are so refreshing – here are some examples of advertisements and photoshop fails, that do the opposite of make women feel good about themselves.

Editor’s note: This is not a sponsored post. We’re just big fans of this ad campaign and wanted to share this video exclusively, with you.

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