Remember when you were a kid, and took every opportunity to twirl around, giggling in front of a camera? Or were totally unselfconscious and didn’t think twice if someone tried to take a photo of you with ice-cream all over your face?

Kids seem to have a natural ability to just not care what they look like. When do we lose that ability?

Dove have continued their Real Beauty campaign, with another viral video designed to encourage women to realise how beautiful they are.

Dove’s latest video ‘Camera Shy’ asks why women seem to hate being photographed as they get older — and recently won a Cannes Gold Lion Film Award at the film festival this year. It has 2.5 million views already, so it’s clearly striking a chord with viewers.

And if you needed a reminder of why women’s perceptions of beauty are so often skewed (hint: unrealistic representations of beauty in the media play a big part), then click through this gallery of photoshop fails.

Katy Perry with two left hands


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