Ryan's latest interview has us confused about whether he and Davina are still together.

Look, we’ll admit it’s not looking good for Married At First Sight couple Ryan Gallagher and Davina Rankin.

Not only has Davina given her intention to “leave” at both commitment ceremonies, but there’s also Davina’s whole ‘plotting to secretly hook-up with fellow contestant Dean Wells and leave her husband’ thing.

But if you thought Ryan and Davina definitely didn’t stay together at the end of this reality TV experience… well, Ryan has given an interview that almost doesn’t definitely rule their future out – we think.

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We may be clutching at thin, bendy, plastic straws here, but Ryan’s choice of words when referring to Davina during a chat with 2Day FM’s Em, Grant and Ed has us thinking maybe against all odds they ended up together.

Avoiding Em Rusciano’s question about whether they’re still together, Ryan offers, “Look, everyone who watched us last night can make their own decision I guess.”

Co-host Ed Kavalee tried a different angle, asking instead who was the last person the 29-year-old tradie slept with, to which Ryan replied, “My wife.”

See? My wife. As in, not my ex-wife, but my current, person-who-I-am-still-dating, wife.

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Of course, then he added something that makes it seem like maybe there are still a few teensy-weensy feelings of resentment.

“The real question is, ask her who (the last person she slept with) was. I can confidently say it was not me.”

Yeah okay, so maybe not such a good sign then.

What do you think? Will Ryan and Davina work out?

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