The special moment Novak Djokovic handed his Australian Open trophy to a ball boy.

When Novak Djokovic secured his history-making seventh Australian Open title last night, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

He theatrically got down on his knees to kiss the ground of Rod Laver Arena.

He passionately fist pumped the air to the roars from the crowd.

He threw his head back and laughed with the unbridled joy of a champion.

But – in a much softer moment amid the ecstatic celebratory outbursts – he displayed a sweet gesture towards a young ball boy that truly captures the world number one’s family-man character.

As is tradition after the Australian Open final, the hardworking ball kids pose for photos with the winner and trophy.

But for one lucky ball boy, he was treated to much more than just a photo next to the trophy.

As the cameras flashed, Djokovic turned to the young man next to him to ask whether he’d like to hold the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup.

The boy – whose face was transformed into an expression of pure joy – couldn’t believe his luck as the Australian Open champion picked up the prestigious trophy and handed it straight to him.


Soon enough, the tennis star was holding up the trophy for the surrounding children to touch and hold, each looking more excited than the next.

Djokovic, clearly feeling generous after his momentous win, went on to gift his racquet to one loyal fan in the front row, before handing over his own jacket to a lucky fan who didn’t have anything for him to autograph.

Small gestures from the father-of-two, but gestures we rarely see from top-level sportspeople.

And they’re gestures those three tennis fans in particular will likely never forget.