Kourtney Kardashian has a new boyfriend. There are rumours he had an affair with Kim Kardashian.

We need to talk about Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's relationship. 

Since the beginning of the year, the couple have been sharing their new PDA-filled relationship on social media.

And between the tattoos, the double dates with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, and the explicit, erm, finger-sucking videos on Instagram, it's been hard to look away from.

But now, Travis and Kourtney's relationship is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

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You see, it seems Travis may have been linked to a Kardashian before.

The Blink-182 drummer's ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, has claimed their marriage ended because he had an affair with Kim Kardashian.

It all began when the former couple's daughter shared a private message from Shanna on her Instagram Stories.

"Everybody thinks my mother is amazing," Alabama, 15, wrote. "My mum has never completely been in my life. Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mum?"

In the screenshot shared of the message, Shanna claimed Travis was "emotionally abusive".

"I left Travis because he was emotionally abusive," she allegedly wrote in the message.

"I divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim," the message continued.

"Now he's in love with her sister. It's all gross."


Not long afterwards, a "source close to Kim" insisted the pair never dated.

"Travis and Kim have never had a romantic relationship," the source told Page Six.

"They were friends who met through Paris Hilton and that is also how Kourtney and Travis were introduced."

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, another source insisted the allegations are "absolutely not true".

"Anyone who is close to them has always known that Travis has been in love with Kourtney for forever [not Kim]," the source claimed. 

"They are madly in love and best of friends. Everyone in their circle couldn’t be happier for them."

But it didn't end there.

Speaking to Us Weekly this week, Shanna, 46, doubled down on the rumours.


"I divorced my ex because, I saw them — I caught them having an affair," she told the publication.

The former Miss USA also claimed Travis is "100 per cent" lying about his relationship with Kim, adding the pair "hooked up" before Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered in 2007.

"Someone sent me all their [text] conversations and I’m also close friends with people who were there, while things were happening," she added.

Travis and Kim have actually known each other for well over a decade.

In 2015, Travis told Us Weekly Kim came to him for advice when the family were considering starting Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


He also admitted he was immediately attracted to her when they first met in 2006.

"Kim was eye candy... I couldn't keen my eyes off her!" he told the publication.

"I had a crush on her and we were flirtatious but nothing ever happened," he added.

Image: Instagram.

Then, on Tuesday, Perez Hilton dug up even more evidence.

The gossip columnist shared an Instagram Story posted by singer-songwriter Aubrey O'Day last July about a Fourth of July that she spent with Kim Kardashian. However, it's unclear which year Aubrey was referring to in her post.

"I was 'BFFs' with Kim Kardashian during [one Fourth of July]," she wrote. 

"She was hooking up with Travis Barker and we were at his house... he was really dope." 

While sources "close to Kim" have responded to the allegations, Travis and Kourtney are yet to respond to the rumours.

In recent months, Shanna has continued to speak out about Travis' new relationship with Kourtney.

Speaking to People last week, Shanna referred to Travis' PDA with Kourtney as "weird".

"I'm very much over my ex. It's been a long time. However, do I think some of the PDA that he's doing with her is weird? [Yes]," she said.


"I'm really, genuinely happy for him. I want the father of my kids to be happy and to have a partner that makes him happy."

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler in 2004. Image: Getty. 

The former couple married in 2004, before Travis filed for divorce in 2006. They have two children together — Landon Asher Barker, 17, and Alabama Luella Barker, 15.

During their relationship, the family appeared in a reality TV series, Meet the Barkers, which aired on MTV.

Travis and Kourtney went public with their relationship in February 2021. The pair were friends and even neighbours long before they began dating.

Back in 2017, Travis appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, when he was seen hanging out with Kourtney and Khloe.

"Our neighbour and friend, Travis Barker, decided to come over because his kids and my kids are really good friends," Kourtney said in one clip.


Kourtney has three children with her ex-partner Scott Disick — Mason, 11, Penelope, eight, and Reign, six.

During the week, the couple were seen taking their five children to Disneyland.

Feature Image: Getty.

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