Just 8 burning questions we have after watching the Euphoria finale.

Warning: This post contains LOTS of spoilers for Euphoria season two. Proceed with caution.

Season two of Euphoria has come to an end, and honestly... I have questions.

Throughout its second season, Euphoria became appointment viewing - and the subject of the internet's greatest memes. The eight episodes continued to follow the alleged high schoolers of East Highland High School, as they navigated relationships, sex, drugs, and Lexi's play. It elevated the role of some characters, did a major disservice to others, saw another Emmy-worthy performance by Zendaya and followed many storylines, some of which were resolved, and most of which... were not.

Which brings me here. Will we ever hear about the suitcase again? Will Ethan thrive in a post-play world? Fexi will never get their happy ending, will they? (SOB). 

Here are more of the unanswered questions I have after Euphoria's extremely confusing, very messy season two finale.

Will we ever hear about Laurie and the suitcase ever again?

Okay, this is my biggest gripe.


The season ended with Rue mentioning that she stayed sober for the rest of the year, so did the literal drug lord not come looking for her money? Was it a freebie? Is Laurie, whose actions suggest the opposite, actually the chillest drug dealer in all the land?


What was up with the timeline of the reconciliation between Rue and Lexi?

Towards the end of the finale, Rue called Lexi to hang out, and the pair discussed growing up without their fathers present. It was a really nice moment, in which Rue said watching the play gave her a newfound compassion for herself and everything she's gone through.

That scene morphed into the final act of Lexi's play so... DID IT HAPPEN BEFORE? AFTER? WAS IT HOW LEXI IMAGINED THINGS HAPPENING?


Is Fezco dead?

The Fez/Ash scene had me watching through my fingers. 

At the beginning of the episode, Ash killed Custer, who ratted them out to police for Mouse's murder. Fez planned to take blame for the murder, but Ash barricaded himself in the bathroom with an artillery of guns.

As the SWAT team raided, Ash began firing through the door - and accidentally shot Fez in the stomach.

After a while, Ash stopped shooting and played dead on the floor. When an officer opened the door, Ash killed him before realising that he had shot Fez. All we saw as another shot was fired and Ash's body thumped to the ground was Fez's face as he watched him die.


Image: HBO.


But then what happened? Fez was still alive when he was arrested, although he had lost a lot of blood.

If he survives, he'll be nursing a gunshot wound, mourning the death of his brother, and facing YEARS in prison on murder and drug charges. 


Rue's final line hinted that there will be a time jump in season three, but it is suspicious that there was no mention of Fez after the play.

Rue's sobriety could explain why she didn't try to catch up with her dealer, but surely Lexi would try to contact him the next day to ask why he didn't come to her play?

We just really need answers about Fez, okay.


Related: Is Fez's grandma alive? Is she still in bed in another room of the house? Did anyone... check?

Why was half the episode dedicated to Elliot's song?

I'm exaggerating. But really, Fez and Ash's lives hung in the balance and creator Sam Levinson really gave us five minutes of this dude singing. It was a good song, sure, but MAYBE THIS ISN'T THE TIME.

Is Maddy leaving?

A couple of episodes ago, Maddy told Samantha she was leaving and that she couldn't babysit for her anymore. Then Samantha gifted her a dress with a note saying "don't look back". (Side note: Why did Samantha have a camera set up in her wardrobe?)


And then, in true Euphoria style, the plot point wasn't ever fleshed out further.

Where the hell is Maddy going? No one in this show has EVER uttered the word 'college'. 

Can we have season one Kat back?

Kat was barely featured this season. The only time she was given more than two lines in an episode was when she gaslit Ethan and pretended to be sick to break up with him. The rest of the time, she was relegated to a sounding board for Maddy.

Image: HBO/Getty.


You've probably heard the rumours about Barbie Ferreira and Sam Levinson butting heads during production. The Daily Beast reported she walked off set twice while filming, unhappy with the direction Kat was heading in, which caused her screen time to be cut back.

After watching the entire season, I can't blame her for (allegedly) being mad. The Kat of season two is much less likeable than the season one fan fave, and I would not be surprised if Barbie Ferreira left the show after this. 

Will Rue ever find out about Elliot and Jules?

Rue forgives Elliot, even after he sang at her for 12 hours, and appears to find peace about her relationship with Jules. But all of this is done without her having the full story: she still doesn't know that Jules and Elliot hooked up.

Will that ever come out? Rue chose herself at the end of the season - which was huge progress! - but could learning that info change anything for her?

And will Jules - like Kat - ever get her own storyline again? She became a side character this season. Sigh.

Who is the third Jacobs son?

Let me present to you the family portrait on display in the Jacobs household... until Cal took it with him when he left:

Image: HBO.


There's Cal, Marsha, Aaron, Nate and... a third mystery child.

What in the hell?

Who is that?

Why has no one so much as whispered about a third Jacobs brother?

A long-standing fan theory is that the kid was Ashtray, which really has no evidence besides the actors having a slight resemblance.

Surely this will be explained one day. 

As for when... well, don't get too excited. Zendaya is shooting back-to-back movies this year, meaning production on season three is unlikely for a while. And even once it gets underway, season two took around seven months to complete.


I wouldn't expect it anytime before mid-2023.


Until then, at least we have the memes.

Feature Image: HBO.