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Diana Rouvas isn't like other winners of The Voice Australia.


Diana Rouvas was still a teenager when she signed her first record deal – evidence, in print, that her dreams had come true.

It never happened though.

The Sydney-born singer had been a child prodigy, the daughter of two musicians, and began vocal training at four years old before discovering song writing at eight.

By 16, Diana had relocated to the United States to pursue a career in music, and at 17, she was touring around the world with Tina Arena.

She worked hard and had a voice that – all along – has been near impossible to criticise. Her talent was only matched by her unwavering work ethic, which saw Diana putting music before just about everything else.

Watch Diana’s performance on the finale of The Voice. Post continues below. 

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In 2006, the then 22-year-old released her first EP, the song that had the potential to launch her into the mainstream.

But that didn’t happen either.

“I’ve always sacrificed stability,” Diana told Mamamia, following her win on The Voice Australia.


She laughed about all the odd jobs she’s done over the years, from working in her parents’ health food store, to covering the reception desk at Blue Haven Pools.

“It’s hard if you want to be able to help your family,” Diana said, reflecting on the years she’s dedicated to pursuing music.

“Having minus whatever in your account, and having an inconsistent income. It’s scary sometimes.”

Then in 2012, a brand new reality television show burst onto Australian screens, titled The Voice.


A 28-year-old Diana, who had won and lost record deals, and performed all over the world, auditioned. Country music singer Keith Urban noticed her.

Diana Rouvas The Voice 2012. Image via Channel Nine.
Diana Rouvas The Voice 2012. Image via Channel Nine.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald about that time, Diana said, "I'd already had record deals that had fallen through and I felt like a failure, like everyone I knew was going to see me and know I was still trying to climb that mountain."

Diana placed fifth in the competition, with two of the songs she performed while on the show featuring in the top 30 on the ARIA Charts.


But things didn't necessarily become any easier.

No one was guaranteed a record contract. Diana, having seen the plight of her parents, knew there was never a moment when you'd 'made it'. The climb never really ended.

In 2015, she was released from her contract with Universal.

The constant for Diana over the last 12 years has been her partner, who she performs alongside and writes music with.

"He dreamed the dream with me," she told Mamamia.

In 2019, with 20 years experience in the industry, and a skill set reflecting that, Diana tried out for The Voice all over again.


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This time, she was chosen by British singer and songwriter Boy George.

"I was very lucky in the sense that they are both very different artists," Diana said.

"The difference this time was that I'm different. He [Boy George] saw me and helped Australia see me."

In the closest final in The Voice history, 35-year-old Diana was announced the winner beside 21-year-old Daniel Shaw.

She also beat out 14-year-old Jordan Anthony and 23-year-old Zeek Power.

The Voice winner, as a rule, is at the very beginning of their career. They're unfamiliar with the industry. Karise Eden, Harrison Craig, Anja Nissen and Judah Kelly all won The Voice Austalia before their 20th birthday.

But last night, something very different happened.

A woman who had been working hard at it, had already failed and succeeded, beat contenders who were less than half her age.

Still only 35, Diana is the oldest person to win The Voice Australia. 

A winner doesn't just look like a 19-year-old who is discovering, for the first time, their potential.

Success also comes to those who have been working hard for most of their life - and haven't given up despite the brutality of the road that got them there.