Who will star in the musical version of The Devil Wears Prada...?


Score (geddit).

The 2006 film Devil Wears Prada is set to be transformed into a stage musical by acclaimed Broadway producer Kevin McCollum – previously responsible for Rent and Avenue Q.

McCollum told The Hollywood Reporter that a partnership with 20th Century Fox will allow him to recreate a number of films into musicals. Starting with the story of a fashion-dunce journalist who becomes co-assistant to an icy fashion magazine editor.

If you haven’t already seen the film, starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, then here’s a quick taste of its brilliance:


The original Devil Wears Prada cast haven’t yet commented on whether they’ll be reprising their roles in song form but considering their collective musical backgrounds, they would probably nail it.

We know that Anne Hathaway can sing from her beautiful efforts as the desperate, put-upon sex worker, Fontine in Les Miserables. And Meryl Streep was in a movie/musical with a pretty bloody awesome name, Mamamia.

If you need a refresher on the cast we’ve got it covered. Post continues after gallery.



But just in case the original stars of the film aren’t keen to get their vocal chords into action (fun sponges), we’ve done a bit of brainstorming about who might be good alternatives.

Meryl Streep, for one, can do no wrong and if it was up to us she would play the leading role in every movie for the rest of time. Her portrayal of the unbearable Miranda Priestly (*cough* Anna Wintour) was spot on and we know she can belt out a tune.

But if, god-forbid, Meryl bows out, Julie Andrews is our next pick. Considering she is THE nicest lady in Hollywood, it’d be great to see Mary Poppins get her bitch on.


Next in line: Lady Gaga. She could also play a kookier version of Miranda she is also very far-shun so would suit the mag editor role well.



As for the character of Andy Sachs, Anne Hathaway has already proved herself musically in Les Miserables but we want to see Anna Kendrick in the role for this musical adaptation.

That girl can sass like no other. And her performance in Pitch Perfect has shown us she’s got some serious pipes and a way with coffee cups with is EXACTLY what Miranda Priestly is after.


Again, Emily Blunt could easily reprise her break-out role as Emily but we think Emma Stone would also play a great, highly-strung, snooty co-assistant. The girl can sing too, she played a lead role in the Broadway production Cabaret. 


Kristen Bell is our next preference given her skills in Frozen and her ability to play a a bit of a mole in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 


Now for the epically bitchy fashion director, Nigel.

We’re not sure if Stanley Tucci can sing (please correct us if we’re wrong), so perhaps Nathan Lane can step in for this one.



If you don’t know the name you would know the face and, most certainly, the voice. This should give you a refresher though, he played Timon the Meerkat in The Lion King. The post continues after the video. 


Joseph Gordon Levitt should replace Adrien Grenier as Andy’s boyfriend Nate. Not only is the guy a great actor and incredibly easy on the eye, he is also- secretly-, a good singer. Even if he wasn’t, we all saw how amazing he was at lip-syncing on Jimmy Fallon so he can always fake it.


Finally, the last of the main characters, Christian Thompson, the handsome man who tries to steal away our heroine’s heart with his wavy hair, money and writing prowess.

If we want to replace Simon Baker with another, more musically talented Aussie, Hugh Jackson is the obvious choice. But we wouldn’t certainly wouldn’t complain if Ryan Gosling wanted to give the role a crack.


So here’s hoping the musical production team are reading Mamamia. 

Do you agree? Who do you think should be cast in The Devil Wears Prada Musical?

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