Jeans have jumped the shark and it's time for a denim intervention.

It’s 2017 and jeans don’t know who they are anymore. They’ve jumped the shark and seem to be going through an identity crisis.

For years jeans were happy just to be themselves –  sure occasionally their legs would get a little tighter, their waists are little lower – but mostly, jeans knew who they were and what they were here for.

But now – like a man in his 50s who’s recently been through a divorce – jeans are experiencing a little mid-life crisis. They’ve bought a motorbike and their new look is seriously embarrassing their kids.

The latest victim of the denim identity crisis is this pair of ‘detachable cut-out front’ jeans from US retailer Opening Ceremony – which will set you back $600 AUD.

detachable jeans
Why? Image via Opening Ceremony.

They're basically jeans with detachable legs that you can rip off whenever you feel the urge for jorts. And they have a gap between the jort part and the legs - leaving you with a frosty crotch during the colder months.

Since their release many concerned citizens have jumped on Twitter to reach out to jeans and offer their support.




This is not the first time jeans have gone rogue this year. In January, Topshop released a pair of jeans with plastic knee windows, designed to help your knees people-watch, I assume.


And then they took it one step further, releasing a pair clear plastic jeans in April.

Despite the concern from the public, so far jeans have not responded or agreed to participate in a worldwide intervention.

Jeans, if you're reading this, we're worried about you - please call home and tell us you're OK.