A Paris label is selling denim undies. We have many, many questions.


A trendy Paris brand called Y/Project is selling a pair of denim undies….for AUD $470.

Now, we know shouldn’t be shocked, we know that.

The fashion world recently brought us clit hammocks and ‘buckle’ bikini bottoms  – we’re well aware of the current pushing of boundaries.

Here’s our review of the clit hammock if you missed that. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

Yet here we are….very, intimately, shocked.


The denim 'panties' in question. Image: Y/Project.

Here are our questions (*cough* concerns):

Why the heck are they $470?

If you are going to sell....denim 'panties' (as the website eloquently calls them) how on earth do you warrant that price tag? C'mon guys. We wouldn't even spend that on jeans with the leg parts included.

Where do you wear this....really tho?

The model is wearing a work-style long sleeve shirt....and heels.

Is this an on the town lewk? Nightclub? Are they trying to say...a work type outfit vibe?

We just can't imagine (outside of maybe Mardi Gras) an occasion that calls for denim....undies.

What about your lady bits?

Do you wear undies underneath? There's a...seam there. That's a next level camel toe... and wedgie for that matter.

And wouldn't the thick denim edges... rub?

Would you get chaffing, on um, on your bikini line? That's the vibe we're getting.


Is this the new short short?

We've had a horrible thought. Perhaps this is the next step to the 'short short.'

That'd be the evolution right? We've done the boyfriend jean, so has the time come to go as small as we can go?

Bum shorts somehow managed to break through, DOES THAT MEAN THESE WILL?

We're scared.

Please, let this be an early April Fools.