This Sydney café customer ordered a ham sandwich. He was outraged by what he got instead.

The deconstructed trend was fun for a little while. We all marvelled at a fancy-looking dessert plate of flavours that was a “deconstructed cheesecake”, and blamed Melbourne hipsters when Jamila Rizvi was served a “deconstructed coffee”.

But just like high slits and unicorns, this trend has officially gone too far.

Because when a customer walked into a Sydney cafe recently and ordered a sandwich, they received this:

What? Image: Reddit.

No, that's not a sandwich. Yes, it is a box of salad, ham, mustard, butter and bread. It's a deconstructed sandwich.

Reddit user MiloXF uploaded the photo of the "sandwich" to the platform on Monday to the confusion and horror of fellow users.

"My cousin ordered a sandwich and received this..." they simply wrote.

While it was clear the deconstructed trend was new to some - Australians were quick to fill them in.

"It's when you think you've ordered a meal, but the waiter actually delivers your shopping," explained one user.

While MiloXF didn't say where his cousin purchased the sandwich he did share the eye-watering price: $17.

It was enough for one user to confirm the meal came from Bread & Circus, in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria, where they have a $17 ham "sandwich box" on the menu.


There it's described as: "Free-range preservative-free smoked ham, w/dijon and pickle, served w/ sourdough organic grass-fed butter cos-leaves tomato cucumber sprouts olives berries & daily salads."

Which several people pointed out, would make you think you are receiving an actual ready-made sandwich.

"Not seeing anything mention that it's just a bunch of ingredients," reasoned one redditor. "A sandwich is the name of a food item where ingredients are put between to slices of bread. The name implies that it should be assembled."

"That's a salad with bread on the side, actual false advertising," exclaimed another.

People continued to rant about the deconstructed trend in general, as well as food boards - because being served your meal on anything other than a plate or bowl is annoying. Others were supportive of the meal as a salad with bread.

But the most disturbing detail of all is one most people seem to be overlooking...

There are strawberries in that pile of salad. Strawberries. Who puts strawberries in a savoury sandwich? WHO?

I'll tell you who: people who clearly don't know what a sandwich is.

It makes so much sense now why they would serve it as a pile instead of a constructed thing you can eat with your hands - they've never made a sandwich before.

Would you be happy if you received a pile of salad and bread instead of a sandwich? 

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