The major personal detail Married At First Sight's Dean forgot to tell his wife Tracey.

If you’ve been watching Married At First Sight then you probably think you know husband Dean Wells pretty well.

He’s 40 years old, he’s a creative director, he’s married to Tracey Jewel, he wants a woman who knows her place and he’s prone to the odd extramarital flirtation. That’s all there is to know, right?


LISTEN: Tracey was NOT happy when Dean chose to ‘leave’ their relationship out of nowhere. We discuss, on our MAFS podcast. (Post continues.)

You see, Dean has failed to mention a pretty damn significant event in his life. Something that, the more we think about it, seems like a detail he probably should have mentioned to his reality TV bride as early as their fake wedding day.

He’s been married before.

Seems like the kind of life event you might mention to your spouse, right? Particularly when she’s told you that she’s separated herself.

But no, Dean hasn’t told Tracey this. At least not in any of the on-screen scenes we’ve seen so far. And considering this revelation would make for just the kind of drama-filled TV the show’s producers are after, we think it’s something they would have shown us.

Instead, we had to find out via an interview Dean had with Nine’s The Fix, during which he explained why his first marriage ended.


We now know Dean’s first wife was an American woman who he met when she was studying in Australia and married when he was 21 years old.

“She moved over here, we fell in love, and married pretty young,” he said.

And if you’re thinking maybe Dean left this aspect of his past out because it was a whirlwind romance that ended as quickly as it started… nope.

“We were together until I was 30, and we had a great time. We had an amazing marriage for those years, but in the end, it just didn’t really work out.”

Dean told The Fix the way the marriage ended has made him “weary” (wary?) of getting into a relationship too quickly.

“I don’t know that she was cheating on me. She was a bit deceitful about a few things and about her relationship with a certain male friend of ours. In the end there was a few factors but I did find out she was a bit deceitful.”

“I now take my time getting into a relationship. I don’t throw myself into a relationship as quickly as I did.”

Except when he’s getting fake married. On TV. To a stranger.

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