Celeb in 5: Sunday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. It looks like Dean might change his mind tonight on Married at First Sight and WHAT?!?!

Strap yourselves in, Married At First Sight fans.

Dean is about to out-Dean himself.

In case you missed it, Dean is fake-married to Tracey on the show, but he’s also having a ‘lil bit of an affair with Davina.

During this week’s dinner party, Dean and Davina snuck away for a cheeky pash. They also agreed they would leave their fake spouses during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

However, a new teaser for the episode has hinted that Dean might be about to change his mind.


It appears that after hooking up with Davina at the dinner party, Dean went home and got “intimate” with Tracey.

LISTEN: Clare and Jessie Stephens debrief on Dean and Davina’s HIGHLY uncool behaviour at the dinner party. Post continues after audio…

The fake-married couple is seen waking up in bed together, with Dean telling the camera: “There is that fire in the belly with Davina… but after the dinner party… Tracey and I had fun, and it was intense”.

Later he talks about having to choose between the two.

“I’ve got Tracey here, I’ve got Davina here — either way, I’m going to be the bad guy.”

Then at the commitment ceremony the narrator says, “one of them is about to get hit by a bus… and it’s not who you think”.

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Nasser can be heard shouting, “He’s played you, and he’s played her!”, in the background.


2. The Bachelor’s Matty J has landed a new TV role.

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Welcome to the latest edition of reality TV stars landing, erm, other roles on the telly.

Everyone’s favourite intense-staring bachelor has landed himself a role on prime time TV.

Yep, Matty ‘I was in it for love’ J will soon be hosting Network Ten’s The Living Room alongside Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer.

The bachie alum’s first job involved flying to New Zealand to film a travel segment for the show.

“I was a bit nervous doing it for the first time,’ he told The Sun Herald. “Talking conversationally and being yourself when you’re looking down the barrel of the camera is actually so difficult.

“If I can be on TV while still being myself, then that would be the dream gig.”

Matty’s first appearance on The Living Room airs Friday at 7.30pm on Ten.

3. There’s rumours Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have broken up.

Travis Scott’s frequent appearance in Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy confirmation video shocked many of us, as it seemed to also confirm the ~strong~ relationship between the now mother and father to baby Stormi Webster.


But now, a source has thrown a spanner in the works speaking to Heat Magazine, claiming the two are no longer together.

“Travis is a good guy – he wants to be there for his child, but he’s not ready to settle down or put his career on the back burner,” the source told Heat Magazine.

stormi webster ????????

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“Even though he and Kylie are over, he’s told her he’ll try not to be seen out with any other girls. Things are up in the air in terms of visitation, but he’s promised to financially contribute. The negotiations haven’t been easy, because Travis was absent throughout quite a lot of the pregnancy.”


As for the inside scoop on the pregnancy itself, the source told the magazine that Kylie’s inner diva truly shone in the delivery room.

“She wanted the lights off in the room, then complained it was too dark, and she said the flowers and candles were giving her a headache, even though she requested them. Even ice chips turned into a big drama – she didn’t like the Styrofoam cup the nurse gave her and threw a fit.”

I don’t know about you, but Styrofoam cups annoy the heck out of me too, and I’m not even pregnant.

4. Erin Molan gives an update on her health after being rushed to hospital.

After being rushed to hospital due to collapsing at work and subsequently hitting her head on the ground, 35-year-old NRL Footy Show host, Erin Molan, has released updates about her and her baby’s health.

Providing an official statement to TheFIX, Molan revealed her collapse was due to low blood pressure. Despite the minor shock, her health was given the all clear by doctors.

“I’m 100 percent healthy and baby is 100 percent healthy,” Molan told TheFIX.

“Early morning flight and a bit of low blood pressure — it’s very common in pregnancy… I’ve had two days of rest and raring to go,” she said.

“Blood pressure is back to normal, blood tests all normal, and baby healthy and normal.”

This isn’t a ‘pity me’ post… just an FYI for the sake of accuracy! I have received so many beautiful comments and messages over the past few weeks about how well I look on TV and that I am glowing through this pregnancy etc… I obviously appreciate them very much… BUT I feel it’s important for other pregnant women to know that there is a very real and non-glam side to my pregnancy too. I’m working daily at the moment so some VERY talented souls are dressing me and doing my hair and my make up every afternoon for news. How I look ready to go ‘on-air’ isn’t how I arrive at work or wake up. I am sick every single day… no ‘better after 12 weeks’ for me unfortunately. I often have to run out of the hair and make up room multiple times unwell. Twice – once at radio and once at tv – I have been likened to a ‘walking corpse’ (in a nice way – no malice – the resemblance was uncanny) I spend most days ill in bed until I have to get up and go to work. Today – I spent an hour on the bathroom floor unable to get up – and have had to call in sick to work for the first time since getting pregnant… I can normally work through anything so I found doing that incredibly hard. So whilst I am very blessed to be carrying a child when so many desperately want to and can’t – like most women the reality of this pregnancy is completely unglamorous in ways far too graphic to share properly here! Ps – still feel free to tell me I’m glowing – even if it is faux and applied in brush strokes out of a bronzing compact – it makes me feel better!!! Pps – and don’t get me started on hormones… Xxx

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Molan announced her pregnancy with fiancé Sean Ogilvy in December and has since been very open about her ups and downs on social media.

5. The Block stars Bec and George Douros have welcomed a baby.

Just this Friday, The Block 2013 contestants Bec and George Douros welcomed baby number two, naming him Lenny Anthony Douros.

They shared the news on Instagram in a series of photos and a video.

“We are all well and completely in love,” Bec captioned one of her posts.


“Lenny is practically identical to Archie when he was born, those lips and his gorgeous almond shaped eyes! So beautiful,” she wrote in another.

The Melbourne couple had their first child, Archie, in October 2015, after miscarrying a few years before that.

“We tried for a while to fall pregnant but when I did in mid-2012, which was just before we went on The Block: Sky High, I had a miscarriage at seven weeks. It was devastating,’ Bec told Women’s Day in 2015.

“I’m a big believer in the universe working in mysterious ways and this is just perfect timing for us.”