Married At First Sight's Davina was on another reality show... also trying to find love.

Another day, another case of ‘hey, hasn’t that reality TV star also been a reality TV star somewhere else?’

On Monday night’s premiere episode of Married at First Sight, we met Sarah Roza. We liked her. We then realised we’ve seen her (and her ex-partner who left her when she found out she was pregnant with twins) before on The Amazing Race.

It was all a bit awkward.

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Then on Wednesday night’s episode, we met Davina – a Brisbane social media influencer/personal trainer/entrepreneur/model/socialite looking for a regular Aussie bloke. Sounds familiar *cough* Sophie Monk.

Only, you guessed it, we’ve met her before too.

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Not trying to win a million dollars or outwit and outlast on a Somoan island. You guys, she was trying to find love. Hang on…

The first time we met Davina was on an entirely different dating show. On an entirely different TV channel.

Are you familiar with… First Dates? The show where two ill-matched singles meet up at a restaurant that also has a bar, and you’re never quite sure of the barman’s intentions?

Image: Seven.

Turns out Davina was one of those singles in 2016.

Considering she's just married a complete stranger on national television, you can guess her First Dates encounter didn't turn out so well.

Mainly because her date, Irishman Anthony, may or may not have been drunk. She couldn't tell. We couldn't tell. Maybe he even couldn't tell.

You can watch their date in all its hilarity in the video below...

Video by Seven

As far as what we saw of her on last night's Married At First Sight?

We'll let our experts, Jessie and Clare Stephens debrief with you guys on MAFS Chat below...