We have so many questions about this Aussie man's ridiculous list of dating requirements.

Welcome to the latest edition of silly things men have posted on the internet.

This time around, an unknown Australian man has shared a ridiculous, virtually unattainable list of dating requirements.

The dating ad, which was originally shared by the man on Facebook back in October, included absurd requirements for a woman with ‘C cup breasts‘ who is ‘between 43-47kg’.

“I’m just a 35 year-old looking for love,” the post read.

“If you’re between 19-23, no taller than 5’1, 43-47kg, Caucasian or maybe halfcast something exotic, have a job, licence, reasonably modern car, regularly gym (no skinny-fat girls, thanks), have an “innie” vagina, C cup breasts, no cheap tattoos and no face piercings,” he added.

“[You’ll] also be willing to move to Canberra to be my girl, have a good personality and sense of humour, never get bratty or start arguments over nothing, and not be insecure when I don’t come home all weekend.”

dating requirements
Oh dear. Image: Facebook.

Erm, right.


We've got A LOT of questions.

I mean seriously, what the heck is an 'innie' vagina?

And he expects someone to sit at home alone twiddling their thumbs all weekend while he stays out? Good luck, buddy.

Unsurprisingly, the man's advertisement didn't go down too well.

After resurfacing on parenting forum Mumsnet overnight, the advertisement was described as a "prime example of douchebags out there", with dozens of users sharing their thoughts on the man's insane list of requirements.

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"I was distracted by his casual racism and his blatant misogyny, and his bizarrely specific list of requirements. A 40kg weight range?! Weirdo," one person wrote.

"So he basically wants a young, small, inexperienced woman he can intimidate, gaslight and control. What a catch," another commented.

"What a racist and misogynistic f**kwad," another wrote.

On Reddit, users also described the man behind the advertisement as "creepy".

"This is unbelievably creepy. I feel like I need to take a shower after reading this," one person said.

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