The five crucial signs to look for when checking your breasts.

Most of us know we should be checking our breasts regularly, but exactly how to do it isn’t always quite so clear. What do you look for? How do you know when to go see the doctor? And what exactly does a mammogram entail?

We spoke to Dr Katrina Tiller from the Sydney Breast Clinic to get the details about what happens during a breast exam and what to look out for when doing your breast checks at home.

They’re the simple facts that could save your life.

Notice pulling or puckering of your nipple? Get it checked. Feel a lump that stays for more than two weeks? Get it checked. Have a relative that was diagnosed with breast cancer young? Have your first check 10 years before the age they were diagnosed.

“It is common, it is detectable and the earlier we detect it, the easier it is to treat,” advises Dr Tiller.

If you are unsure or notice any changes about your breasts, make an appointment with your GP.

How often do you check your breasts?