No one is more shocked to still be in the running for MasterChef than Daniel Lamble.

As we near the end of this season's serving of MasterChef, there has been one cook that has remained a fave throughout: Daniel Lamble. 

While other contestants have packed up their cooking utensils after crumbling in a MasterChef pressure test, Lamble has repeatedly gone up against some of the most experienced chefs and still managed to come out shining.

So what is it about this lad? Well, we've done a little investigating to find out more of Daniel Lamble's backstory. Here's everything we know. 

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Before he became the beloved larrikin on MasterChef, Lamble was raised just a couple of hours out of Darwin in the rural bushlands of Katherine, Northern Territory, as the middle son of three boys. 

Growing up, he spent his days camping and fishing before he moved to Darwin at the age of 13 – an unfamiliar, bustling city where he felt like "a little fish in a big pond". 

But his love for fishing was able to continue, and it's what sparked his curiosity for cooking.


"The biggest thing I love about fishing is getting the opportunity to catch something and make something out of that," he explained during an interview on 10 Play

"It's sort of drilled into me by my old man that you only kill what you can eat," he added. "That was something that sparked a bit of the interest in fish. Catching something and trying to use as much of that fish as I can." 

After developing a "keen interest in cooking," Lamble was able to make dinner for his family one night of the week – and that's where he began to experiment. 

"I would start doing crazy things," he explained. "I would say I am somewhat of an experimental cook. I like to take methods and ingredients that are already in other cuisines and see how I can modernise it or bring it in with local ingredients."

Lamble developed his skill by following YouTube instructional videos and cooking shows on TV.

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After a three-year stint working in the mines as a FIFO worker, Lamble landed his 'dream job' as a firefighter. Working alongside other firefighters also allowed him to explore his love for cooking even more. 

"When I joined the firies, every shift we'd do the station cook ups," he explained. "That's where it sort of gave me a lot of opportunity to experiment and try different things."

Lamble added: "Feeding people is definitely what's inspired me to get into cooking the most. I love being able to provide everyone with a good feed."

Along with his love for cooking and family, he also found love in his partner of seven years, Kassie. 


"So proud of you, babe, for always chasing down your dreams," she wrote in a post dedicated to Lamble's MasterChef journey. "Also super proud of you for dating me (an icon)... Thanks for the amazing feed."

Lamble knew he had to try his hand at MasterChef, and after applying, he landed a spot on Season 14's Fans & Favourites.

The firie explained he felt he had to give the show a go. 

"The reason I'm doing MasterChef is because I had a bit of a realisation that one day I might wake up and regret the fact that I didn't give it a crack," he said. 

It's a good thing he did, as Lamble has managed to leave his mark throughout the competition and land himself a spot in the Top 4.

"I didn't expect to make it past the Top 24, but I made it here," he said. "Honestly, I'm proud as punch."

From Grilled Smoky Oysters, to a Mindil Sunset and a Roast Guinea Fowl, the cook has gone from one high to another, and he's been able to implement his good sense of humour along the way as well. 

While the future remains uncertain for Lamble, it will surely be bright. 

"In the future, I'd love to get a pop up food van and travel around Australia and document my travels at all the different areas around Australia and reflect the produce that is around this great country," he said.

"I'm proud as punch to be given this opportunity. MasterChef has definitely changed my life. It's going to open up so many different doors."

Feature Image: Instagram @_instalamb.

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