The prank everyone needs to pull on their dad. Immediately.

It’s the weekend.

And it’s time to play a prank on your dad.

One Twitter user, by the creative name of @TheDad, had an ingenious idea, and people all over the world are trying it.

You take a photo of olive oil, and say you poured it into your car. You then report that for reasons you can’t quite work out, the car is now making very strange noises.

The thing about dads is that they will definitely believe it. And after hanging their heads in shame for a few seconds, will likely be on their way to fix the ridiculous problem.

The internet – or should we say dads – did not disappoint.

One dad was even about to leave a business call to help his daughter, whilst others demonstrated why dads deserve their title as Kings of All Bad Jokes.




This is why we love you, dads.

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