Whatever you do, don't ask a CWA lady about scones.


When ABC News Breakfast invited Grandma Noela from the Country Women’s Association on the show, they were probs expecting a nice chat about scones and tea, and crochet lap rugs.

Maybe they’d get a hug that smelt like talcum powder and mothballs. Then they could swap tips on spongecake. After all, the association is turning 70 and every milestone needs cake, right?

But Noela had other ideas.

Because Noela is a powerful lobbyist. Noela is the Frank Underwood of Grannies. And Noela don’t wanna talk about no scones or jam or god damn cream because NOELA FOUGHT TO GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN AND NOW EVERYONE WANTS TO PUT HER BACK THERE.


Basically, Noela MacLeod is a badass feminist granny who just wants everyone to stop with the scones.

The National President of the Country Womens Association of Australia was all that in an interview where she smacked down hosts Michael Rowlands and Virginia Trioli for asking her about baking.

“I’m not discussing scones” she said.  “Because the national body is neither a caterer or a fundraiser.”

Because the CWA actually does a whole lot of other more important stuff. And, to be fair, the excellent hosts asked her about such works.  They lobby political parties, raise money for charity support victims of domestic violence, lobby for environmental causes and they are CAMPAIGNING TO LEGALISE CANNABIS for medical purposes.


“We listen to what’s happening at grassroots level” she told the hosts, YEP.

These Nanna’s are down with grass roots.

Release a cookbook and suddenly all anyone wants to talk about is cake.

She told Mamamia it’s “always the first thing the press hone in on”, and she’s had a gutful.

“It’s irrelevant. The scones are irrelevant. We are first and foremost a lobby group.”

Tough crowd. (via ABC)

A Grandma to 21, Noala has been National President since August 2012 and says she works over 40 hours a week in the role, none of which includes baking.

A member for over four decades, Noela has a history of dropping truth bombs on anyone that goes into scone territory. At last years National Rural Health Alliance, she says she was briefed on how to speak to politicians correctly. But when she at last met with one, in her lobbyist role, the first thing he said was: “Did you bring the scones?'”

“I said ‘You have just made a sexist and inappropriate remark’ and I sat down.”

She says she makes it clear before all interviews that she is not prepared to discuss tea and scones. “The only thing I will discuss is our cookbook, the profits of which are going towards a nursing grant for rual nand remote nurses” she says.

She’s also a feminist.

“I think anyone who fights for women’s issues is a feminist.  But I still like the door opened for me.”

She also wouldn’t tell us her age.  “My age is irrelevant to what I do” she said.

Touche. Go Noela. Keep on doing your thang, grrl.

Just don’t mention the scones. (via ABC)
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