It appears that we have been missing a crucial spot to spray our perfume.

Fragrance is probably the simplest section to navigate in the cosmetics department.

You spray, sniff, choose, leave, then spritz away in the comfort of your own home until your heart is content (and the bottle runs out).

There were few arguments as to how and where to apply perfume either. You know, the usual – wrists, behind the ears, hair and behind the knees (okay, that one is still a question mark in my books). But we thought we had it down… until now.

Thanks to French designer Roland Mouret and his first ever fragrance in collaboration with Etat Libre D’Orange, Une Amourette, the “scent of the season” is causing a stir among serial spritzers. And no, it has nothing to do with the notes or ingredients.

The perfume’s instructions are a bit, new to us. They read: “You’ll want to wear it at the pulse point between your thighs and as you walk, cross your legs… the warmth and friction unleash an aroma that will capture your attention through the most primitive sense: smell.”

Une amourette. (Image:

It might seem odd and even a little risqué, but Mouret's perfume request theoretically makes sense.

Remember in school when we were taught that heat rises? So technically if you spray your inner thigh, similar to spraying behind the knees, the warmth from that area accentuates the scent and lifts the fragrance around you all day.

It might look a little strange when you, ah, spritz perfume between your thighs, but if it Mouret says it works, we're willing to give it a go.

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