How to find a fragrance you'll love (at any price)

Got no clue when it comes to perfume? You’re not alone. As someone who has worked in the perfume industry for two years I have heard and seen all of it. I’ve had a customer ask for a fragrance called ‘couch’; I’ve had requests for toilet sprays; and heard mispronunciations so bad that no one in the store could figure out what the customer really wanted.

The world of ‘perfume’ can be confronting, that’s something we all understand. There are so many smells, bottles and brands that it seems completely acceptable to give up, go home and just keep wearing that same bottle of Georgio your mum bought you for Christmas in 1998.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Georgio sprays (it’s still my mother’s favourite.) But trying something new is a great thing and you shouldn’t miss out on the excitement and confidence boost that comes from a brand new scent because you’re feeling paralysed by choice.

Here I’ve compiled the easiest things to remember when buying and wearing a perfume so that you don’t walk around wearing perfume that smells like gym socks and loo freshener.

First things first…

What smell do you like:


you know like when you walk past a flower garden in spring time:

  • On a budget? Try Intimately Beckham for Her or Elizabeth Arden Pretty.
  • Can afford to splurge? Try Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, Gucci Premiere or Bvlgari Rose Essentielles.


Think of heavier, warm, spicy or  woody smells:

  • On a budget? Try Calvin Klein Euphoria or Jean Paul Gualtier Classique for Women.
  • Can afford to splurge? Try Dolce & Gabanna Pour Femme or Jimmy Choo for Her.


Like the smell of a packet of delicious gummy lollies:

  • On a budget? Try Britney Spears Fantasy, Beyonce Heat Rush or Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC.
  • Can afford to splurge? Try Elie Saab for Her or Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture.


Imagine the scent of citrus – light, delicate and perfect for summer.

  • On a budget? Try Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden or Glow by Jennifer Lopez.
  • Can afford to splurge? Try Marc Jacob’s Dot, Issey Miyake for Women or Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue.

Enjoy your devilishly sexy fragrance!

What’s your signature scent and why?

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