People are now paying $35 for a stick with some cotton on it.

Let’s get something straight here – hipsters are nobody’s friend.

From the people who made you believe wearing specs without a prescription was cool comes the latest over-hyped trend – cotton.

And we’re not talking about the cotton you wear, because that we could handle.

It turns out hipsters have been paying big bucks for stems of cotton branches. Yep, we’ll just let that sit for a moment.

According to ABC News, in some Sydney suburbs, people have been handing over up to $35 for a single branch of cotton, just so they can display it in a hand blown glass vase at home or whatever the hell they’re doing with it.

Florists have even started using it in their arrangements, with people paying up to $50 for a bunch.


This latest trend has left Aussie farmers scratching their heads in confusion – and we have to say, they’re not the only ones.

“It’s extraordinary,” southern New South Wales farmer Gavin Dal Broi, told ABC.

“It’s mind boggling that people are willing to pay for something that we have thousands of hectares of.”

And while other people are welcome to fill their homes with all the cotton their bank balance will allow, Gavin says he’s happy sitting this fad out.

“There is plenty on the floor when I take my clothes off at night after being on the cotton picker all day,” he said.

“My wife is actually sick of it, so we don’t need any extra sitting inside the house on show.”

If you’re also having a hard time wrapping your head around this trend, may we suggest sticking some cotton wool balls onto a twig? Same, but cheaper.