Gyms, Pilates, F45: As indoor gyms reopen, here's how your workout will change.


Things are slowly returning to normal across Australia.

We can get our nails done, have a glass of wine at the pub, and in some states, people are back to the gym.

Indoor gyms are already open in the Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Gyms will reopen on Saturday 13 June in NSW, then Monday 15 June in Tasmania, and June 22 in Victoria.

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While we are all eager to get our bodies moving again in a space that isn’t a park or our living room, there are some new rules we will have to consider.

Here how your workout will change at the gym, Pilates and F45 studios post COVID-19.


Although we all want to get back to our local gym as soon as possible, we have to remember that in order to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum, gyms will have to change a few things.

Brandon Hasick, the Director and Head Coach at the BodyByBrando gyms in Sydney, shared exactly how his personal and group training facilities will be implementing new hygiene measures as his members return to training.



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“In regards to sanitising and hygiene, we will be implementing the following:

  • We will be capping our classes at 10 people.
  • We will be introducing 15-30 minute gaps between each class. This will help to minimise the risk of spreading, as there will be less overlapping of clients, and give us an opportunity to sanitise equipment.
  • No sharing of equipment.
  • No handshakes, fist bumps or physical contact.
  • Each person will be distanced.
  • We will be spraying and wiping the equipment with disinfectant after each use.
  • We will be using a hospital-grade disinfectant mist spray over the equipment daily.”


While Pilates classes are slightly smaller than your usual gym, it doesn’t change the fact that they will have to implement new safety measures too.

Tori Clapham and Bec Chidiac of Sydney-based Peaches Pilates, share how they will be opening their doors safely with Mamamia.

“We’ve been so thrilled with the commitment of our wonderful members who have used our online programs and live Zoom classes — they’ve literally kept us afloat during this time. But nothing beats the vibes of a class in a Peaches studio, so we are super excited to get back into them, and workout with our clients in person again,” shared Tori.


“There will be a number of changes to our already-complex hygiene rules, to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients. Each of our three studios will have a maximum of nine people in a class to maintain the 4-square-metre rule and 1.5m social distancing between clients. Naturally, the hardest part in all of this will be to hold back from giving our Peachies a big cuddle as they walk back through our doors!”


While Bec explains, “We can’t wait to get back into the studio for Pilates and Barre. However, my boxing classes will remain on our Live classes platform for now, as we can’t box in the studios with gloves and pads given the current laws. No equipment will be shared during a class and all equipment will be sanitised after every use.

“We welcome our members to bring their own mats and equipment if they are more comfortable doing so — we want to ensure our members feel comfortable returning to classes. We’ll also have plenty of sanitiser on hand as people enter and exit the studios.”


The 45-minute long, high-intensity group training sessions known as F45, will have to change a few things too.

As their studios rely on larger groups and less equipment, implementing new hygiene protocols will be imperative when reopening.


Jeannie Vo, a trainer at F45 Hurstville explained that the safety of F45 members will be of utmost importance.

“Even prior to isolation, we were sanitising and wiping down equipment between exercises and sessions to maintain hygiene.

“We’re so excited to begin classes in the studio again – in the current environment, in addition to enforcing the social distancing measures and limiting the number of members in each session, classes will also have longer rest breaks between exercises to allow for cleaning and there will be minimal movement between stations.

“For example, members will now complete three sets at one station before moving on whereas previously, they would do one set per station then move on to next and complete three laps of the room.”

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