"I just had the worst experience": Constance Hall on being mum-shamed at the airport.

It’s fair to say that Constance Hall has dealt with her fair share of mum-shaming in the past.

From trolls tearing apart the contents of her shopping trolley, to fans attacking a post birth snap she shared – the author, blogger and businesswoman is a popular target for trolls online.

But this time around, the mum-of-five was met face to face with unwarranted criticism when she arrived in Bali for work with her partner Denim Cooke and their baby boy Raja.

Posting to her Instagram stories from her Bali hotel room, Constance shared how she had the “worst f*cking experience” coming out of the airport.

“I was being my usual self and like singing and chatting to Raja and he was in the baby carrier and we were having such a nice time,” she described.

Once Constance arrived at the airport, she gave her sister a call.


“Raja’s at that age where he just pulls your hair,” Constance explained.

“He starts pulling my hair so I told [my sister] I’ve gotta go and then I hang up and I’m like ‘no no no no no baby, don’t do that, don’t do mummy’s hair’,” she said.

“This woman walking past me just starts yelling at me and she goes ‘excuse me, you are such a bitch, don’t be such a bitch to your son, look at that woman, she’s such a bitch to her son’.”

When the woman’s partner asked what Constance did, she said Constance was “yelling” at Raja.

“I was like ‘oh my god, I never ever yell at my kid’,” Constance added.

“Like I would never even raise my voice – I get in trouble for bloody not yelling at my kids…

“So that was shocking… it actually really f*cked me off for like half an hour.”

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