Constance Hall is getting married today. And it very nearly didn't happen.

Blogger and bestselling author Constance Hall is getting married today, to her partner Denim Cooke. But the 34-year-old has shared on Facebook that the wedding very nearly didn’t happen.

“Tomorrow I marry this guy,” Hall wrote on Friday afternoon. “I’ve eaten a whole jar of Cadbury Almonds for the nerves.”

“Of course the wedding almost didn’t happen, for the first time we fought all week.”

What am I doing tonight? I’m searching everywhere for a babysitter, so Denim and I can go and sit on the grass at his mates event and see in the new year in peace.. I’m Or of course that probably won’t happen instead, I’ll be here, with the kids I just took to (my worst nightmare) a fun park because exhausting them minimises my chances of being physically and mentally harassed when I got home. Make them a heart felt meal, threaten them that there will be NOTHING else if they don’t eat it. Make them something else when they don’t eat it, Witness the worlds most irrational tantrum over the speed of which it takes noodles to cool down. Cry into a bottle of unopened wine. Google Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.. Accept that the wine stays closed. Start the count down. The one from 4pm until the kids bed time… Jump into bed at 8pm to decide which Netflix series I’m gonna rewatch coz I’m seen them all bar some health doco’s that would make me decide to get healthy and loath myself and my Almond magnum the following hour. Whichever destiny lies ahead, I’ll be in bed before midnight, kissing the ones that I love, grateful for everything I have and that this cunt of a year is over. Happy New Years!!!! Con. Ps thanks for being you. Wouldn’t have made it without you rad Bitches by my side????????????????

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Hall said the fighting was due to stress, and her pushing Cooke to talk when he wants time to think. She also said he’s probably realised “he’s about to marry a pregnant chick with four small kids who blogs and writes books about every detail of her relationship to the world”.

Together, Hall and Cooke have six children, and are expecting their seventh – a reality Hall describes as “really tough”.

“You favour your kids, they favour theirs, you favour theirs and they favour theirs, so you resent that and you go back to favouring yours all while looking for the perfect equal, just wanting things to work.”

The Like a Queen author said the couple’s kids weren’t looking for new mums or dads, “just friendship and another adult that wants to do stuff with them”.

“That’s all they need,” she said.

Hall promised her followers she would share photos and videos of her big day, to thank them for the support they’ve offered her over the last year.