Prepare yourselves... this is what the new Coles Little Shop collectables could look like.


There’s no doubt that Coles’ Little Shop Mini Collectables were an obsessive hit amongst many kids and adults alike.

Although the promotion ended officially on September 11, Channel 7 recently reported that the supermarket chain has already secured the rights for a return in 2019, with fans speculating about what that might look like.

Apparently, a similar project launched by New Zealand supermarket chain, New World in 2013, followed up their Little Shop campaign with a collection called ‘Little Kitchen’ in 2015.

You can watch the ad campaign to see what the fuss was all about:

Video by New World

The second round of minis featured household goods like fruit and vegetable characters, Nutrigrain, Pringles, pasta sauce and even a mini copy of the magazine Woman’s Day.

Each collectable also came with recipe and experiment cards, and some even glowed in the dark or were magnetic – although a Melbourne mum has a DIY hack for that one if they’re not.

Coles are you listening? Because this is inspiring stuff.

This is what the entire set could look like:

Coles Little Shop new collection
Little Shop fans have speculated that this is what the new set could look like. Image: New World.

Keep in mind that New Zealand's New World Supermarkets belong to the Foodstuffs NZ cooperative and have no relation to Coles Supermarkets which is a part of the Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers.

That being said we're still very excited for the possibility of brand new minis to collect.

Stay tuned.

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