Jumbo five person co-sleeping beds exist and we don't know what to think.

Whether you planned on being a co-sleeping family or not, chances are on more than the odd occasion you’ve had to share your bed with one or more of your children.

And in a bed designed for just two adult people, the addition of another little body is never going to result in a great night’s sleep for Mum and Dad.

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The people at Ace Collection know this, and that’s why they’ve created extra large beds, perfect for the whole family. Literally the whole family – these beds are huge.

At 2.74m wide, the manufacturer’s ‘Ace Size’ is 81cm wider than a standard king size bed and puts super king beds to shame, fitting three pillows across. But that’s not the only – wait for it – ace up the company’s sleeve. They also stock ‘Ace Family Size’.

An Ace Family Size bed is 3.65 metres wide and 2.03 metres long, meaning it could easily fit four adults – or probably as many kids as you have. It will also probably take up half your bedroom.

co-sleeping bed
The Ace Size (pictured) is big, but the Ace Family Size will take up your entire bedroom. (Image via Ace Collective.)

So is this the best idea anyone in bedding has ever had - or a problematic way of enabling sleeping habits you'd rather discourage? I mean, what happens when your children grow out of the "I've had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?" stage and you have a massive, massive bed to yourselves? (Actually, that's probably not a negative.)

Unfortunately, it's a debate not worth having in Australia, as the American bedding company currently only ships within the United States.

Sorry parents.