Get ready to channel your inner Rachel Green with this glorious 90s hair accessory.

Forget the scrunchie, claw clips are the latest nostalgic throwback accessory that the world of ‘farshun’ is obsessed with.

For a while the 90s hair trend was bubbling away and slowly gaining momentum for a resurgence, but then Alexander Wang – a favourite designer of the Kardashians and Beyoncé – put the accessory centre stage at his Autumn/Winter 2018 runway.

And all of a sudden, what was once a slightly daggy, and dare we say a ‘mumsy’ accessory, has now been given a trendy update.

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If you track the history of the humble hair clip, you’ll know it’s always had a certain French-girl, nonchalant chicness to it.

Jennifer Aniston was a fan of the style during her run as Rachel Green on Friends throughout the 90s, and Angelina Jolie even wore one when she attended Washington’s Capitol Hill to encourage government funding of the Assistance for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act in 2005.

Rachel Green claw hair clips
Rachel Green was a keen adaptor of the humble claw clip. Image: IMDB.
Angelina Jolie claw hair clip
Well if it's good enough for Angelina Jolie... Image: Getty.
Kaia Gerber claw hair clip
Kaia Gerber bringing the trend into 2018. Image: Getty.

Most recently, Kaia Gerber - that's Cindy Crawford's supermodel daughter - was seen with a glitzy, silver rendition from Alexander Wang.

Furthermore, fashion outlets like Witchery, ASOS and Mimco have produced their own designs, and walk into a Mecca Maxima, and you'll even see LA-based brand Kitsch serving up their metallic and marble-glazed options.

Personally, we're all for its well-timed return. It's the one second hairstyle that anybody can master, regardless of skill, and pairs almost perfectly with the other 90s hair trend that's made a resurgence thanks to Meghan Markle - the, erm, sl*t strand.

So without further ado, here are some of our favourite claw clips that you can 'add to cart' right now:

claw hair clips

Mimco, Mimette Claw, $39.95.

claw hair clips

Witchery, Large Claw Hair Clip, $29.95.

claw hair clips

Supré, Twin Set Claw Hair Clips, $7.

claw hair clips

Kitsch, Marble Long Claw Clip, $18 and Kitsch, Claw Clip Open Shape Large, $13.

claw hair clips

Lady Jayne, Claw Grip Large in Shell, $6.49.

claw hair clips

ASOS Design, Cut Out Metal Hair Clip, $10 

claw hair clips

ASOS Design, Open Sides Claw Clip, $8.

How do you feel about this retro hair trend? Tell us in the comments section below.

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