Errr. This Gold Coast church just accidentally posted a very dirty message.

An Anglican church on the Gold Coast has received more attention than usual, after accidentally posting an incredibly risque quote on the billboard outside.

The sign outside the Surfer’s Paradise church reads, “Forgiveness is swallowing when you would rather spit,” and… that just definitely isn’t a quote from the bible.

We hope.  

Perhaps they are talking about swallowing the holy bread?

Or when your flatmate cooks you biscuits and they have raisins in them when you thought they were choc-chips but you swallow anyway because you’re a really good friend?

Surfer’s Paradise MP John-Paul Langbroek shared a photo of the sign to his Twitter on Tuesday, because, yes, even politicians think accidental dirty jokes by religious people are hilarious.


Speaking to the Brisbane Times, a spokeswoman for the church said the senior minister, Mike Uptin, put the sign up yesterday but was unavailable to speak to the media as it was his day off.

The representative said the sign means “Swallow your words and think before you say anything,” and that while the sign is usually changed weekly, it might be changed tomorrow this time around.

Look, maybe the quote really is just extremely innocent and wholesome. And we’re the ones who definitely aren’t.