A mum tried to teach her daughter to draw Peppa Pig, with very NSFW results.

Fact: kids just love Peppa Pig. Evidently, Leigh-Anne Walker’s daughter is no exception.

The UK mum decided she’d try to teach her little girl how to draw the beloved cartoon pig, but lesson soon took a turn for the NSFW.

While sketching Peppa’s outline on a Magna-Doodle, Leigh-Anne realised Peppa was starting to resemble… well, something else beginning with the letter P.

Lucky for all of us, she shared the hilarious results on the Unmumsy Mum Facebook page:

She captured the unfortunate image, “This is the last time I try to teach my daughter how to draw Peppa!!!”

Ah, what’s parenting without a teaching moment that goes very, very wrong?

Do you have any parenting ‘fails’ to share?

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