Christmas Day canapés that look gourmet, but only take 10 minutes.






I could live on canapés. To me, they are the perfect food – small, flavoursome and never boring. Instead of feeling stuffed after eating them, you feel incredibly satisfied because you’ve eaten so many different foods in perfectly small, pretty little parcels and you still have plenty of room left for Christmas lunch.

The beauty of canapés is that they don’t have to be difficult to make. Forget making glazes and froths and foams and anything else that can be described as a ‘cooking technique’. You don’t need any complicated, reality TV cooking show-inspired processes to make stunning canapés that are delicious.

All you need are the best quality ingredients you can find. Then, it’s all about the flavour combinations and simple but clever presentations.

No, don’t freak out – I promise it’s easy peasy. Here are three of my favourite simple canapés that will impress your family and friends at Christmas:


1. Hungarian Salami Bruschetta.

I use the word bruschetta to describe anything I put on top of really good bread. Traditional bruschetta is delicious but using Hungarian salami instead of the usual tomato/garlic/basil/olive oil combo gives it a nice twist that Christmas guests of all ages will enjoy.


Buy the best bread you can find – think ciabatta, vienna, a French bread stick or any variety of vienna sourdough – and cut it into pieces approximately 5cm by 5cm.


Brush the bread with good quality olive oil and sprinkle a little rock salt on each side and then grill for approximately two minutes under a very hot grill.

Allow to cool.

Find the best quality Hungarian salami you can and slice it into long strips, approximately 3cm in width. It doesn’t matter how long they are.

Place the tip of the meat onto the bread and then curl it back and forth onto the bread so that it is resting on top.

Garnish with fresh, small basil leaves.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Oliving by Hans. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words. 

2. Pumpernickel Pinwheels.

I love Pumpernickel bread. Using it in canapés is a bit retro, sure, but it’s all about the presentation. Pumpernickel deserves a revisit because it is dense, flavoursome and satisfying. It also looks really good when used in canapés.


Buy a packet of round Pumpernickel bread pieces and lay out on a tray.

Cut a fresh pineapple into small pieces – around 0.5cm by 0.5cm with a very sharp knife.

Glace the pineapple pieces by tossing them in a small frypan with just a teaspoon of butter, a teaspoon of sugar and a squeeze of orange juice. Allow to cool.

Slice good quality ham, such as Oliving by Hans Naturally Smoked Ham, into strips – approximately 2cm by 2cm.

Place the ham on the pumpernickel, allowing it to curl around and then carefully place pineapple pieces on the ham, at least four pieces.


Lay one piece of fresh rocket lettuce on each piece.


3. Festive Ham Scrolls.

Baked canapés are so easy to do and the beauty of this recipe is that you can pre-prepare as many as you like, freeze them and simply bake them whenever you need a quick and delicious canapé for Christmas guests.


You will need one packet of frozen puff pastry, good quality smoked ham and freshly shaved parmesan cheese.

Place the sheets of puff pastry on the bench top for five minutes until they have defrosted enough to be rolled up.

Line each sheet of pastry with the smoked ham and sprinkle with the parmesan.

Roll the entire sheet up as tightly as possible and then slice thickly, approximately 2cm in width.

Place on a baking tray that is non-stick or lined with baking paper and bake on high, around 200 degrees, until lightly browned.

These canapés are delicious served on their own or with mild salsa on the side.

Sprinkle with fresh, chopped chives.


What are your fail-safe Christmas food ideas?


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