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mamamia-user-982591441 September 26, 2022

Unfortunately, it's not much better living in Europe where you are restricted to the very few extremely expensive designer clothing stores or the cheapest chain stores like Primark. Everything else is online - it especially cuts that we are good enough to buy someone's clothing but not try it on in public. 

 It often makes me wonder what I would do if my suitcase didn't arrive while travelling (common these days) or the house burnt down. 

Cate Lawrence January 22, 2019

likewise, I've been doing it for at least as long with no side effects except no cramps and saving money (I don't want kids)

Cate Lawrence February 21, 2018

I am also picturing cutie Zeke showing off his toys awwww!

Cate Lawrence February 21, 2018

Why are the taxi associations (or whatever the term is ) not held to count in these blatant cases of discrimination? Oh hang on, they never fixed the sexual harassment complaints did they? Where is the law here and why is it not binding?

Cate Lawrence November 14, 2017

I can definitely relate in my experience as an (older) tech journo where i go to lots of events and am one of the few women in the room. Men in general are taught to 'talk themselves up' and this often does not always include leaving space for the person they are talking to to talk back. It can of course also be nervousness on their part or social awkwardness.

That said. I like the idea of the rotating seats, its a good way to address the problem of getting stuck next to people who you have nothing in common with or don't at all. My hearing isn't great in a crowd and it makes it much easier than trying to hear people across a table.

Cate Lawrence November 14, 2017

I can definitely relate

Cate Lawrence September 7, 2017

I'm also Gen X and I have a very similar history and relationship with alcohol based on growing up in Melbourne.

I now live in Germany and I find the locals drink way less than all of my British and Aus friends-when we first held dinner parties we'd cater the booze based on the amount we'd have in Australia and were surprised how much was left. (Bear in mind Deutsch people can start drinking beer and wine at 16 and alcohol is very cheap. We buy Australian wine for a quarter of the price for the same bottle in Australia so they have a never different attitude to drinking).

I work as a journo in tech and alcohol is everywhere. It's definitely a bonding tool, especially in all some events where the only women are journos and PR people. I am trying to cut down my drinking as alcoholism runs in my family and i find it very easy to lean on the bottle.

Cate Lawrence September 4, 2017

what a revolting person, part of being a woman is helping other women out in this situations without a second thought!

Cate Lawrence July 31, 2017

aren"t avocados grown in Queensland? Thought they'd be cheaper there, weird

Cate Lawrence June 29, 2017

I ended up in hospital last year with encephalitis caused by the chicken pox virus that was previously latent in my body infecting my brain (bear in mind I'd had chicken pox in the 70's before there was a vaccine in Australia). Anyone would can be vaccinated these days should be, not only to protect those who cannot but also as the effects of these childhood illness can linger and hit you when you least expect it.

Cate Lawrence June 21, 2017

especially considering the majority of us will be working into our 70's

Cate Lawrence May 30, 2017

I am so horrified and disgusted by the story. I hope someone shares in public all those who contributed to the facebook post-either liking or commented-so they can be named and shamed. The implicit condoning of a complete lack of compassion and respect for the woman involved (reduced to be defined by her weight and nothing more) is revolting.

Cate Lawrence May 14, 2017

I'm quite uncomfortable about this piece in that I wonder if any child (adult or otherwise) would what their parents disclosing such personal information and stories about them? Imagine how you'd feel if your parents were talking about your toileting issues and public hair growth? I appreciate that parents of adult children with disabilities have their own stories to tell, but where do the rights of the child come into it?

Cate Lawrence April 22, 2017

i'm a tech journo and I agree with you 100%

Cate Lawrence March 30, 2017

i was appalled that his girlfriend sat their laughing and smiling after he said it.

Cate Lawrence March 28, 2017

the problem i have with the body scanner is that as someone who is pear shaped, it does not allow you to stand with your legs wide enough to create a proper thigh gap (the security people tell you off if you don't put your feet in the foot markings) This means that almost everytime i go through it, i am subject to a below the waist pat down-embarrassing to say the least.

Cate Lawrence February 15, 2017

thats what i thought

Cate Lawrence February 7, 2017

I live in Germany and many locals also believe air con is unhealthy. Public places only rarely have it (plus of course it isnt' hot enough most of the year). A bar near us has aircon and in the summer expats sit inside and locals outside hehe.

Cate Lawrence February 5, 2017

i felt so sorry for them! I wondered if they'd practiced their dishes before hand...

Cate Lawrence January 17, 2017

I live in Germany and we have similar prices for supermarkets to the UK. I visited Australia recently after three years in Germany and was shocked at the cost of things. I know wages are higher (assuming you have a full time, permanent job) but geez! I could do this in Europe but not Australia-all that meat on her list would double the price surely.