Christian Hull is 33 years old, and he never wants to be in a relationship. Ever.

When it comes to dating, there's a certain amount of pressure. 

Pressure to meet the right person, to get engaged at the right time, to get married, have babies and live happily ever after with your 'better half' by your side.

But Christian Hull feels none of that pressure. 

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At 33 years old, Christian is done with dating. He's done with bothering to get into a relationship and he's definitely done with the idea of a long-term anything.

And that, to a society obsessed with settling down, is fascinating. So we asked him why. 

"It's very selfish. But I just have no desire to share my life with anyone."

"It's actually never been a desire of mine," Christian explains after realising a while ago that he was mixing up love and lust and diagnosed his craving for the latter incorrectly. 

"I think when I was really young and discovering my emotional side, I was actually just a horny teenager. And I thought, lust and love were the same thing. And so when I was like, 'Oh, he's hot, Let's be together forever.' And suddenly, you know, something will happen. I won't get my way. They come over too much. You know?"


And that was the penny drop moment for Christian: "Oh, yeah... I just want casual flings."

Once that was established, Christian has leant into his solo way of life and is living his dream.

"I love living alone. I love making no compromises. I love deciding what I want for dinner, and then getting it. There's no one man to tell you otherwise. You can leave your dishes in the sink, you've got the whole bed to yourself. You can do whatever you want. It's very selfish. But I just have no desire to share my life with anyone."


When pressed on whether he feels that external-couples-guilt, as friends and family peel off, fall in love and settle down for good, Christian says he remains unfazed. 

"No, I've never really felt that and I think it's just because I'm so confident in my decision. And if I was to go to an event with all the couples (to which I've been to plenty), I honestly look at myself and think, 'I'm the only one that's free'."

And that's because falling in love and getting married is not Christian's version of 'happily ever after'. It's someone else's. 

"Everyone keeps saying to me, you'll find someone you'll find someone. They just think that's the whole idea of happiness. But, it's not mine. 

"I've learned that when people find happiness themselves, they want you to be happy like them too. So they say 'you'll find someone' and 'you'll be happy'... but I'm perfectly happy now. Like, don't worry about me. I might be a sad, lonely person in your eyes, but I'm actually loving life."

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To be honest, his new novel called Leave Me Alone should have acted as a bit of a tipoff to Christian's personal life. He revealed to Mamamia that he actually wanted to call the book 'f**k off' to represent his most mentally used phrase, but settled on a bit more of a bookshop-friendly version. 


In the novel, Christians talks through his childhood, the close relationships he has with his family (including his triplet brothers) and finding fame through being 'that funny guy on the internet'. Oh, and of course, dating. 

He's as candid in those pages as he was in his chat to Mamamia, so if you're keen to find out more, head here or to any good bookshop - where Christian says "it's probably got a half-price sale sticker already". 

Feature Image: Mamamia 

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