The lovely family photo Chrissy Teigen was afraid to post due to parenting backlash.

Chrissy Teigen has joked on Instagram about how insufferable parenting trolls can be online following relentless criticism of pretty much every photo she posts.

After posting a beautiful photo with her daughter, Luna, and her newborn son Miles, Teigen captioned the image, “Should I post the one where his head looks unsupported but my face looks good and Luna is over it, the one where his head is supported but my face is just okay and Luna is over it, or him crying and my face looks okay and Luna is over it?”.

Luckily, many of Teigen’s 18.4 million Instagram followers offered words of support for the the 32-year-old mother.

“Who cares… they would all be beautiful,” wrote one user.

“Thinking way too much about positions in post that look good. It is all about the love, that is it!” wrote another.


The hilarious mother and author also posted a funny video of herself pretending to steal skincare products earlier in the day.

In the video, Teigen is seen browsing through Sephora, when she picks up a product and stuffs into her dress, looking around pretending she didn’t want to be seen.


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The model was in the store to see the display of her new range of makeup with Becca cosmetics, “BECCA X CHRISSY”, but pretended to steal a product from Ouai Haircase, who hilariously commented on the Instagram post, “Damn next time you need product just hit us up”.

It’s not the first time Chrissy Teigen has responded to trolls who criticise her parenting in a hilarious way.

Earlier this year, Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her and John Legend‘s second baby, Miles. Just five days later, John Legend performed at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, while his wife and children watched the performance from their home.

Two years earlier, ten days after the birth of their first child, Luna, Teigen and her musician husband were photographed out at dinner. The response from the public was equal parts swift and brutal, so Teigen responded to her husband’s absence perfectly.

In the tweet, she jokingly wrote “wow didn’t u just have a baby John smh go take care of it !!!!!! disgusting.”

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Chrissy sitting on the couch with her newborn, watching her husband speak about their son on the red carpet.