Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. There are photos (and videos) of Chris Hemsworth surfing with his tiny daughter and we are not worthy.

In what looks like a partnership with Tourism Australia, Chris Hemsworth is making a very convincing case for us to all pack up, buy a surfboard and move to the coast.

The older Hemsworth brother is flooding his Twitter and Instagram with pictures and videos of what looks like the most idyllic surf trip ever, with wife Elsa Pataky and their three kids – Tristan, 3, Sasha, 3, and India Rose, 5.

So far on the family surf trip, they’re doing everything from skipping rope competitions to toasting marshmallows on an open fire pit. It’s all a very true blue Aussie affair with a touch of ‘David Jones catalogue’ thrown in for good measure… but I guess that’s just what happens when your parents are a model and an actor that plays a Greek God.


Camping adventures in @australia killing on the bbq!!

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Click through the photos and videos, including one of Indi playing monkey of her dad’s shoulders while he’s surfing and one of her upright riding a wave onto the beach. A pro-surfer in-the-making perhaps?



Amazing camping trip, no place I’d rather be!! @australia

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One thing is for sure, the kid is better on a surfboard than we are.

2. Turns out we weren’t shown the juiciest part of the Married At First Sight girls’ night.

Married at First Sight boys night.
Da boiz. Image: Channel Nine.

We saw plenty of "disrespectful" jokes at this season's Married At First Sight boys night, but apparently the girls played a similar game of "who's hot" that didn't make it to air.

Tracey Jewel told TV Week she and her fellow wives shouldn't be mad at their husbands after essentially doing the same thing as they did.

"We played the game, 'Who would you kiss, who would you marry, who would you kill?' That was the type of game we played."

Tracey also knows (how to paraphrase) the unspoken rule: "We all say things with our girls that are supposed to stay at girls' night."


Except when that girl's night is going to be recorded and broadcast to a national TV audience of course.

Clare and Jessie Stephens debrief on Charlene's kickarsery at the dinner party, on our Married At First Sight recap podcast. Post continues after audio.

3. Just in case you didn't know: Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift are the same person now.

It’s well known that a fresh cut and colour can make you feel like a new woman. But for Vanessa Hudgens, a new ‘do has left the High School Musical starlet looking remarkably like Taylor Swift.

In a recent snap posted to the actress’ Instagram, Hudgens looks strikingly similar to the blonde pop star, and followers have been quick to notice.

“Lmao I thought this was Taylor Swift,” wrote user @faithmillr.

“Legit thought it was Taylor Swift,” wrote @mommycharmaine.

“I thought it was Taylor Swift lol,” added @cavattton

Although Hudgens’ hair remains several shades darker than Swift’s, the wispy shoulder-length style, along with her popping red lippy, makes for an easy misunderstanding.

A quick squiz at her other recent posts, however, show the actress looking much more like herself, so T-Swizz can sleep easy tonight knowing her identity hasn’t been completely stolen.


4. The movie role that even Oprah couldn't land.

What hope do any of us have in this fiercely competitive world, when Oprah (aka the woman who needs to be President) can’t even land her dream job?

When TMZ’s Adam Glyn approached the talk-show Queen on the streets of New York on Tuesday and asked if she still has to audition for movie roles, her answer was surprising.

“I would have to audition for a role and I’ve gotten turned down for a role,” she told Glyn.

The Selma actress went on to say that she wanted to star in the 2008 film Doubt but was turned down. Instead, Viola Davis landed the role of Mrs Miller.


“The director told me no because it (hadn't been) long enough to lose the Oprah factor.” I guess we should all burn our resumes then?

It seems she had a little more luck when came to auditioning for A Wrinkle in Time, in which she scored the role of Mrs Which.

A Wrinkle in Time hits cinemas March 9.

Image via Getty.

5. Paris Jackson has pleaded with fans to stop changing her skin colour on social media. 


Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson is sick of people editing her skin to be lighter or darker in photos and has asked fans to stop via her Twitter.

In a nice way of course.

Being bi-racial, the 19 year old says that she struggles with fans trying to make her look either 'white-passing' or more bi-racial - something children of mixed-race parents can encounter but especially so when your appearance is analysed by literally millions of fans and media.

And you can read our full story, and see her tweets right over here.


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