Married at First Sight fans noticed something odd about Carly's 'sexy texts' with Justin.

Ha. Well, then. It would appear Married at First Sight is the product of a heap of editing, production and props. Yes, it’s staged.

Who’d have thought?!

Fans have shared a rather curious editing issue from an episode this week, in the part where Carly sent Justin a, erm, sexy (?) text.

When the cameras panned the screens in which the texts appeared, a few things seemed… odd.

Let’s go back to the start. It began when Carly sent Justin this message:

"Are you wearing any underwear?! Maybe you shouldn't be...," the message read.

All was well. Nothing to report. (Yet.)

Next, the camera panned to Justin's screen:


First up, fans recognised that, ah, the times are a bit funky. For one, Justin received his message at 2.18pm. The cameras catch Carly's phone at 3.49pm. Did Justin receive Carly's message an hour and a half... before... she sent it?

At the very least, it's inconclusive, because there's every chance the crew just filmed Carly's phone later that day. We will give this part the benefit of the doubt, but this is far from over.

Secondly, Carly's message was a blue message sent from an iPhone. It's just that, ah, a blue message sent from an iPhone implies the message was sent as an iMessage. The message was never "delivered", and Justin has a Samsung.

Justin has a Samsung.

And a final thought? The messages DON'T EVEN SAY THE SAME THING.

From Carly's phone:

"Are you wearing any underwear?! Maybe you shouldn't be..."

And the message that appeared on Justin's:

"Are you wearing any underwear?! Maybe you shouldn't..."

Excuse me, I would like to report a missing "be". That is all.

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