Chris Hemsworth just said exactly what we needed to hear from a man about Harvey Weinstein.

As a tight web of Hollywood lies untangles, and the carefully curated public image of Harvey Weinstein crumbles, celebrities are out in droves, making sure their distaste for the sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled at the movie mogul is on the public record.

After all, silence can occasionally suggest complicity. And at a time when his reputation is battered beyond belief, no one wants to be associated with the Weinstein camp. Not even his wife.

But sometimes it’s the simple words that deliver a more blistering blow, as per Chris Hemsworth.

On Wednesday, at the premiere of his new film Thor: Ragnarok, Hemsworth stopped on the red carpet, and paused while promoting the film.

TVNZ had asked him about Weinstein.

Image: Getty.

"It's horrible, it's awful, my heart goes out to anyone who suffered through that kind of abuse and experience.

"I hope it sheds a light on the issue and people don't continue to abuse their positions of power, and people aren't manipulated into situations they don't want to be a part of," he said.

It was, of course, an abuse of power that lasted more than 30 years, until an explosive New York Times report revealed just how deep the sexual harassment allegations ran regarding Weinstein.

And so, as the power dynamic of Hollywood crumbles, the voices of its stars have never been more important.

Because as Hemsworth proves, simple words can be powerful and exactly the kind of thing the world needs to hear.

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