Chris Bath's niece was left in tears after being "bullied" on a flight.

Chris Bath says her young niece was left in tears after being “bullied” on an international flight earlier this week.

The journalist claims her niece, 17, was unable to recline her seat during a long flight from Dubai to Sydney due to a man seated behind her who was intimidating and bullying her.

It was the teenager’s first international flight alone.

Image: Twitter, @chrisbath

Bath, a former TV host and now announcer on ABC 702, called the passenger out on Twitter.

"To the brave man on @emirates EK414 to Syd last night. Bullied my 17 y/0 niece in 44A for 13+hrs, would not let her recline her seat," she wrote.

More information was shared on Bath's Instagram account where she wrote, "My 17 year old niece is 45kgs dripping wet, a tiny ballerina. She was travelling alone internationally for the first time to see her family for Christmas."

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"She landed last night, wiped out, because an awful man seated behind her intimidated and bullied her, had her in tears. Merry Christmas Captain Courageous."

Bath's social media followers have suggested she make a formal complaint to the airline, although giving specific details of the flight number and seat number will probably do the trick.

Emirates is yet to respond to the claim.