Chontel Duncan wants the trolls to know she didn't push her baby out, but her birth wasn't easy.

Fitness guru Chontel Duncan knows her many haters will be ready to criticise the way she gave birth to her son – that’s why she’s sharing her story first.

The mum-of-two, who welcomed her son Swayde Noel last month, opened up about her experience delivering via caesarean in a candid Instagram post on Tuesday.

“I’ll catch the trolls before they give me their two cents because I didn’t push my baby out,” she wrote, “which was (mind you) out of my control.”


The mum, who is well-known for the toned stomach she maintained during pregnancy and post-birth, told her followers what her experience was really like.

“There’s nothing easy about a caesarean either….the tugging, the pushing, the sounds, the smells, the feeling of no control, the fear of something going wrong, the recovery it all terrifies me,” she wrote alongside a composite image of her giving birth.

“But I would do it all again in a heartbeat…

“The top photo captures me at my weakest point and my husband incredibly helpless, the middle photo captures the sound of Swayde’s cry and visual of his privates and bottom photo captured the most incredible feeling of all, two parents falling in love at first sight.”

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Of course, c-sections are completely normal. Almost one third of Australian births are caesareans each year. Duncan wanted to reassure mums and mums-to-be of this.

“No matter how we birth or how our babies come into our lives we all experience fear, excitement and fall in love.

“Natural, caesarean, surrogate, adoption whatever the situation we all go through the journey in some way shape or form and we all should be damn proud of ourselves.”

We couldn’t agree more.