Fitness model mum: From flat belly to baby bump in one incredible image.

We first met fitness model mum Chontel Duncan when she and her friend posted a side-by-side shot of their very pregnant bellies to showcase just how different bumps can be.

The Queensland fitness instructor believes every woman’s pregnancy is unique and stayed active in the gym throughout her gestation.

She was also active on Instagram and photos of her impressive abs before and after giving birth to son Jeremiah have garnered her a huge following.

In a new image, Duncan has captured  every step of her pregnancy journey from week 19 to 42 – it’s intimidating, to say the least.

“So happy I did a bump progression shoot,” she captioned the post.

“I know it’s very hard to see it up close but OMG the changes in my bump from week 37 to 39 is crazy.”

Earlier this week, Duncan was inundated with unsolicited parenting advice after posting a different photo with her new baby. Apparently, she wasn’t holding him properly.

She hit back at critics for trying to “belittle” her as a new mum.

Motherhood, like pregnancy, is different for everyone and so far Duncan seems to be acing both.

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