Fitness blogger Chontel Duncan just got very real about her emotional battle with online abuse.

Our hearts are crumbling for fitness blogger and model, Chontel Duncan.

Despite the new mum having a fierce following of 575,000 on Instagram, she has made a desperate plea to her fans to remember she is only human.

Backlash against Duncan started when she posted this photo showing the difference between her and another pregnant mother.

Since giving birth, the young mum has faced online torment regarding her parenting style, ongoing workouts, and unrealistic expectations she is facing for other parents.

But, as she writes in her post, she’s also facing her own set of expectations.


“…I have a personality which makes me different an [sic] unique…That I read EVERY comment, private message and email…That I am just one person and not super women [sic…Sometimes I feel like there’s these crazy expectactions but I am just one person. I feel like people forget that…”

Following her emotional plea, she has mostly received positive responses with one user writing, “You hilarious beautiful and positive someone I would want to hang out with and be crazy with! Hahah keep smiling pretty lady!! You are superwoman”.

Check out Chontel’s awesome Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

But, the exact comments Duncan was begging to stop, are still being posted on her photo.

“If you put yourself out there you have to take it otherwise delete your account ….. Simple ….. I’m sure this will lead to me being deleted blocked etc , but we have to stop complaining about our feelings …. Then want the people to give us love then , it’s very false and very annoying,” wrote another.

We’re completely behind Duncan on this one. Whatever way you choose to live your life, however you decide to love your child – it’s your choice alone.