Stop. Everything. Australia now has chocolate cheese.

It’s a miserable day in Melbourne town. The sky is grey, there’s a persistent drizzle but among the blackness, both figurative and sartorial, there’s an edible sliver of hope.

Chocolate cheese.

Now, Australia’s record with chocolate hybrids has been hit and miss (here’s looking at you Vegemite Dairy Milk), but Curds and Whey‘s ambitious, nay, revolutionary new product looks to be bloody ripper.


Direct from Italy to the Queen Victoria Market, it’s Italian blue cheese ripened in chocolate liqueur, then rubbed in cocoa and decorated with chocolate chips. Sounds delightful, right? Right.


Cheese is delicious.

Chocolate is delicious.

Chocolate cheese cake is good, having a piece of choccy with your Camembert is GREAT, this can only end well for Melburnians and their taste buds.


The market is closed today, because it’s Wednesday, but be assured we will be getting down there first thing tomorrow rain, hail, shine or all of the above (this is Melbourne) to give it a try.

Enjoy your beautiful beaches, Sydney.