30-year-old Chloe Dunstan has nine kids. She is about to welcome her tenth baby.

Chloe Dunstan is a very busy mum whose colourful and happy family life is about to get even busier. 

The 30-year-old has nine children with her husband Rohan and has just announced she is pregnant with her 10th baby to her social media community of over 800,000 people.

Watch: Chloe and Rohan announce their 10th baby. Post continues below.

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On the family YouTube channel, Life With Beans, Chloe shares how she and Rohan started their big family.

"When I was 19 years old I became a mother," Chloe says in a video filmed in 2017.

"At 20 I became a mother of two, at 21 I became a mother of three and at 22, a mother of six."

After three babies, Chloe and Rohan's family doubled overnight when the young mum gave birth to triplets and then five years later a set of twins!

"Although it is not always easy, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have six happy and healthy kids.

"Being so close in age means they understand each other a lot and have so much fun together."

Chloe describes her husband Ro as having a "calm and gentle nature" and is a great dad to their little ones. 

Their eldest three are Evan, 11 Otto, 10 and Felix, nine followed by eight-year-old triplets Rufus, Henry (or Hank), and Pearl, three-year-old twins Sylvie and Cosmo and baby Birdy who is just one. 


Chloe began vlogging about the family's lives in 2016 shortly after having the triplets. 

"Our lives are pretty far outside of the ordinary which is why we wanted to share it," Chloe says in the video.

With such a big family to care for, it's no surprise that their bedtime routine starts pretty early. In one of the family videos, Chloe says that dinner and bedtime starts at around 4.30 pm while the children help tidy up so she can crack on with meal prep.

"The babies nap in their rockers, while the others do some tidying up," Chloe says in the video before showing the kids having a cute 'random dance party'.

"At the same time, I'll cook the dinner for the kids."

Understandably, Chloe says she favours quick, nutritious and easy meals for her big family. Everyone sits down to eat around 6 pm and Chloe says sometimes she and Rohan join them, or they might eat when the kids are in bed. 

The children take turns having baths once dinner is done and put their (matching) pyjamas on while Chloe bathes the smallest members of the family. After brushing hair and teeth the family get together for a sweet ritual.

"We read a nighttime story before bed," Chloe said in a YouTube clip from 2021 and then shows her three eldest boys tucked up in bed reading their own books before dozing off to sleep.

Once all the kids are finally asleep, Chloe and Rohan spend an hour together catching up and "enjoying each other's company" before getting to work editing their YouTube clips or packing orders from their family lifestyle website The Bendy Beanstalk.


In another video, Chloe shares that while she started out homeschooling her eldest three boys, she sent five of her eldest kids to school once the triplets turned five.

"It's all been pretty up and down," Chloe says of her triplets going to school.

"The novelty has worn off a little. Pearl enjoys it more than the boys do. I think they enjoy it but they miss their homeschool life. Which is what happened with the older boys too ... they didn't have any trouble at school but at the end of the day they just preferred the homeschool life, the homeschool community, the homeschool learning and the homeschool work.


"I'm not sure if this will be a long-term thing or not but it's good to try these things, and it's a good experience for them."

Before Chloe had her most recent baby, Bird, Chloe said that the juggle is the hardest part of having such a big family doing so many things.

"Three kids in school, three kids in homeschool and the babies to look after are a lot on their own. But I love it. I love the juggle and the busyness of having lots of little ones. 

"Thankfully Ro and I work from home ... and we have my mum to help."

Chloe is now just over 17 weeks pregnant with baby number 10 and she is very excited to add another little bean to the big family.

"So far the pregnancy has just zoomed on by," Chloe says in her latest YouTube video.

"The baby is starting to move a lot now. I can feel it moving all day and in the evening too."

 Baby number 10 will arrive in February 2024 and the whole family is very excited for baby cuddles.

"When we buy a dozen doughnuts, we'll be able to have one each," Chloe laughs.

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Feature Image: Instagram/@chloeandbeans

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